Give me my trumpet now

fix your servers i got disconnected last week in kakul g2 after him dying, got dc’d on the cutscene and the box didn’t count for me, couldn’t even buy it.

Yesterday 3 people disconnected from valtan run its getting quite ridiculous, i get 3 dc’s daily and it only happens when am doing something either legion or normal raid and lose rewards.


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They refuse to fix those DCs 3 weeks now. Seems like that’s how the game is going to be from now on. We’re just unlucky it’s AGS who handles the game and this is not a meme.

its honestly very annoying, i lost so many rewards because of random dc’d during either normal raids or legion’s.
I mean they got mega whales paying more than 100k euros on the game its not that hard to invest a little bit to get a very good result but they seem to not care.

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