Give players increased gold and/or pheons for content completed with mokokos in it

The game seriously needs to start encouraging the player base to be friendly and help newer players. Just had that experience in Argos and the mokoko disconnected after being blasted by comments like “Watch a video” “Stop wasting our time” etc. We need to incentivize people to take the time to teach mokokos to play. Give them extra gold and/or pheons for completing the content with new players. Give them a reason to stick around and teach.


Then high level player will make new accounts just to get more gold while carrying his alt on a new account lol


Wouldnt that be considered multi-boxing? Im pretty sure thats a perma ban offense.

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Yes it is against the law, but it’s not a crime if they don’t caught you

nah this is actually a good method of getting people to train new players, the issue of potential multi boxers doesnt matter because they risk their whole account

maybe a mentorship program too. it works well in ff14 with the special pegasus incentive for insanely high amounts of duties done in mentor roulette


I am a mokoko. I think what you said is very correct, but the game only focuses on implementing their so-called robot elimination plan, which will only make new players suffer, and no one will match new players, because there is no incentive mechanism to encourage old players to help new players.

So I think this is necessary. Unless the game itself doesn’t want new players :zipper_mouth_face:

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Gold and pheons are not going to happen, what else should they reward? becuase those are kind of off limits.

Id say extra legion raid mats like horns and arogs blood ect, to craft sets just a little bit faster.

And maybe a boost in honor shards.

I think the best solution to this is creating a mentor system where you get support currency everytime there is a makoko in your team, and you can exchange this currency for mats and such in a support shop.

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This is a good idea actually. give some legion materials + leapstones + the item to upgrade quality

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they dont risk anything if they use a separate pc & potential vpn for the alt account

i do agree however, that there needs to be some kind of incentive for playing with mokokos

vpns can be detected in game and are also against tos

I’m not sure this would work because usually my lobby titles starts with “Roster 150+, …”

So they would not even be able to enter…

So bot bus drivers would get some rewards? They will appreciate it for sure.
While I like your idea dont forget about this too. :frowning:

It has to be gold and pheons and it has to be a substantial amount.

Lets say vykas normal. Gold is distributed per gate completion. G1 2.5k G2 5K G3 10k.

So 4 veterans and 4 mokokos.
If they complete G3 together every vet gets 40k and every mokoko gets experience. Of course mokokos need to be alive at the end every dead mokoko is -10k. So they are forced to teach mechs instead of simply bus.

Appreciate this idea @Grymloq will send this suggestion/idea on to the team.

If they do this i will be there to exploit it for sure. there is alot to be gained from a system like that and it wont help new players.

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Nah this is bad, it will add more gatekeeping (“fast, mokokos only”) and toxicity when mokokos die because the veterans get less reward and want to restart gate.

I like the general idea though, but IF anything like this is implemented at all don’t expect any fancy rewards. It will most likely be just heart stones or vitameow. Which would still be fine imho.

Sure if people want to waste time teaching mokokos for vitameow more power to them but personally I would not participate.

Unless the reward is not compelling I don’t see it happening.

I’d rather see mokoko only parties than wts.

The thing is, I’m all for good rewards but there are also risks (gold rewards would just increase inflation and fomo) plus AGS wouldn’t gift valuable rewards just like that.

I can see them giving out Battle Item and Potion Chests, Vitameow or bound honing mats maybe to make up for the time spent/wasted in raids by mentors. This would be a sweet bonus but should not be the only incentive to teach mokokos.

After careful consideration, I have decided to deny this request.

If further reward beyond the satisfaction of helping another at the expense of one’s personal time is required, one is not entitled to be given tangible incentive, as it would entitle them as moral mercenaries.

Go back to your 18 raids and 72 chaos dungeons and guardian raids.

A more desirable appeal would be to the player base to simply help mokokos where and when they can without reward. We could even involve into empathetic human beings with souls.