Give Powerpass to people that changed server after issues with queues


Would really appreciate if you give a second powerpass to people that changed server after the issues you had with queues.
Nice people actually wanted to help and changed server to lower the queues.
Same people that had to put 16hours into a new character to get back to the point when you can acquire the powerpass to realise you need to spend £20 to buy golds and boost your new character ( and also wait 8 hours since it’s not instant )
This result in slower progression and angry banker calling you for spending too much on a game and not being able to pay your bills.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider people that changed server and give them a second change to use a powerpass on their new server.

changing server not going to do anything at this point. every server have at least 10k queue. Maybe giving a free powerpass in the new region will motivate people to move. At this point i dont have a high hope from this publisher.

When they’ll had the 2nd region for Europe yes a powerpass that you can use straight away would help but have to see how it goes …
Yeah I totally agree on that, they didn’t do a good job. I feel sorry for smilegate that they have to deal with that.

In korea they made change server

Why we dont have ?

u mean u suggest to give a free powerpass to all the bots as well?! in that case, lets see how long it will last on the new server when a big queue starts again.