Give some Legendary Books to FTPlayers

Since everyone is asking for things here is mine

Unfortunately, the difference between the whales and the mini whales is very noticeable, being FTP the possibility of buying the 20 legendary engravings is 1 in 10,000, and it’s probably 1 is lying…

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Thing is, you don’t need them. They make it easier to push your dps up but if everyone had them sg would have to adjust content upwards. It’s something to work towards not something you should “just get”. Yes whales can buy past that, but they can buy past most of the gearing process via the market. While you might be upset about it, personally I like it. I’d rather get a gold grudge engraving and go have a payday to funnel the gold to something I care about.

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That fella is a notorious cryposter/beggar ^^

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seeing your own class being 200% more efficient and not because of skills, but because of having 5 lvl 3 engravings is frustrating

You dont really need them anyway or just push books which dont cost 10k like grudge … rethink your build even whales will not pay 200k for 3 nodes or they are dumb total waste of gold.

It’s just a whole bunch of gold. If you really want them then just save up for a few weeks while selling everything and you’ll be able to buy 20 of almost any legendary book. The only ones that would take longer are the super meta ones like Grudge.

You don’t do 2x more dmg with an extra engraving tho

FTP isn’t a badge of honor. As others have stated, you don’t need them.


Stop honing for a few days, sell all the mats you get, and then use that gold for books.

Im a F2p and i already have 1 legendary engraving…

funny clown u dont need orange book to deal damage. u just need a little bit trick to get good engrave there a lot on youtube

i bought legendary cursed doll as f2p so, just wait they get cheaper

I have hit master, kbw, cursed doll, expert, desperate salv, awakening and igniter legendary books learned as f2p. I bought them at a 4th of what they are now

Unless you have your other content maxed out, you don’t know if someone is being more efficient than you because of their engravings. It could be tripods, skills points, gems, engravings, or cards. Engravings don’t give you a 200% increase in efficiency, they’re typically a 10-20% damage increase at best.

Anyways, I don’t necessarily think you’re wrong but I don’t think the actual solution is not more handouts. The economy in the west is insane. The cost of -everything- is way higher than it should be because of bot inflation and rmt. Giving us a few gold books is a very specific short term bandaid for a much larger problem.

Also, worry less about other players. Anyone with 5x3 is whaling, rmting or playing the market for gold. These people will always be ahead of you.