Give Surge Blades Pheons and Gold

As the title suggests, please consider giving people who have already specced into surge (which will no longer be viable, as there is no reward in terms of damage in relation to risk once the new patch comes).

I’m not here to discuss the nerf and don’t want the thread to be specifically about the nerf, just reimbursing players for wasted pheons and gold (for engravings and jewellery) so that we can spec into the build they want us to play.

Pheons and gold are limited resources, and through no fault of our own, or build is being nerfed and we will need to change to stay competitive, other classes who have not been nerfed will have a huge pheon and gold advantage. Swapping is super costly - New ability stone, new jewellery, new engravings etc, pheons cost etc.

Or atleast allow us to swap our engravings so we don’t have to buy all new legendary books and pheons.

Also the other classes affected should also be offered the same.


Lmao, this is the funniest post this week, meta chaser asking for refund :v


Damn I guess these people never played MMO’s.


How is it meta chasing, many have played surge when everyone was saying “almost all deathblades in korea are RE”.

What I’ve spent my gold and pheons on is changing, what I brought it going to be different to when I paid for the jewellery and engravings etc.

Essentially I’ve paid for something, and they’ve changed what I’ve paid for.


Give deadeye players 1490 powerpass


If you go to a cinema, and you pay for a ticket, you go to into the cinema to watch your movie / film and they say, “Sorry, you can now only watch 80% of your movie / film.”, after you’ve paid, I think you would be right to ask for a refund. Or atleast assistance to swapping to the spec that they obviously prefer us to play. The people who choose the wrong power pack (who had to the chance to not make the mistake) were reimbursed.

We should atleast be offered to change our engravings to the spec they prefer as to not waste large amounts of gold and pheons to respec.

Tbh I don’t even mind the surge damage nerf, in its self, but this nerf also hits the rotational play of surge.

Its nothing to do with being meta, when I picked it I didn’t know what was meta and what wasn’t and infact, most people were recommending RE. But its not the point.

The point is what I originally paid for is fundamentally changing and am asking to not be penalised in terms of resources for something that is outside of my control.

:joy: Man I was laughing at this guy post a bit, but I can’t stop now read yours hahaha


I’m sure you 200% knew that in an mmo, balances are normal; well, at least in a good mmo. Classes change now and continue to change in the future. No one said it wasn’t going to change. If they had said this, then I can see how reimbursing you is justified.

Give Surge Blades Pheons and Gold

Better idea. Give all non-surge blades compensation for an imbalance that everyone else had to deal with all this time.

It is meta chasing.

Almost all deathblades in korea WERE surge. You chose surge BECAUSE they were also surge. Hell mode completion groups were surge.

Only reason why koreans are going to RE is because they were also meta chasing. Both builds still do more damage than every other build other than Sorc.


That is a lot of assumptions, and as I’ve already stated, personally I didn’t pick it because it was meta, and even if it was, it is not the point I’m trying to make. Meta chasing or not is irrelevant and nothing to do with this topic.

Dumb post, well-deserved op

i had to spend 15k gold today to fix my build :pensive: i feel ur pain but i dont think we should get any compensation xD


And no, there were many threads about how RE is more reliable, only 12-13% of DB’s in korea taking surge etc. So it wasn’t considered meta when this game came out, but as I said, even if it is considered meta, many people including my self did not pick it for this reason. And as i’ve said its really not relevant so just keep it out of this thread please.

Of course it does.

You chose it because it was OP.
You are angry and demanding a refund because it is only top tier now instead of OP.

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Okay im not sure if this is a joke but you guys shouldn’t be using gold to “change” your build right now, you will have to change it with the relic accessories so no point changing it 2 weeks before valtan xD


Nah, give all FI Wardancers a 1445 Powerpass since they can’t do damage until relic accessories and sets.



thats not rly true probably, i personally swapped away from RE cuz it has too many charging abilities which makes the build rly boring to me

They nerfed us bro u.u

no, only clowns will swap to relic early , u can easily keep your legendary (3333) setup till clown since vykas and valtan arent rly hard