Give us 600 gold in lieu of Powerpass then

I’m a new player but have reached the point in the game where I now understand why people need alts - because I need an alt. Yet, no Powerpass. So now what? I guess I just stop playing the game or pursue horizontal content only?

I don’t have the 600 gold times the number of alts for each created. So Amazon, if you can’t provide the Powerpass, at least give me the gold to put a new alt through the Knowledge Transfer.

Or some other sort of currency I can exchange at the Knowledge Transfer robot.

Otherwise, I guess I’ll head back to my other games, nothing to do here anymore.

Hey there @RogueRunner!

My apologies for the inconvenience with the Powerpasses.

I’ll be moving this to the feedback section for proper visibility.

In the meantime any updates about the powerpass will be posted here: Powerpasses Temporarily Disabled.

Stay safe!