Give us a system to see who is actively carrying RMT Gold/RMTing

I personally don’t give a crap about the bussing/RMT situation, but I see Amazon is doing what it does best and trying to push everything on to the consumer, we do the exact same in AWS because that is how its taught.

Ok, so you want people to use common sense and wonder where this gold comes from? Amazon, you let this situation get out of hand, which could of easily been prevented early on in-game, I understand you only care about profits, want less human interaction so you don’t have to spend money, etc.

Give us the system, seen as well you know where RMT gold is and comes from, give us a system so we can see who carries RMT gold, how much they have of it, etc. Also, allow us to see names in the Auction house of the poeple selling items so if they are flagged as RMT/RMT gold carriers we can avoid them.


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so make a in-game forbes chart?

I think he wants flagged players to display something like an icon or maybe make them glow lmao

How? Im not even sure this is something thats possible.

You don’t understand the complexity of the technical solution I am asking for, this would never happen because it requires actual time and effort to build, and fund, which Amazon definitely won’t do…

This is more of a piss take post with AGS expecting humans to use “common sense”…

If this was possible they would just ban them lol

Nope, not at all.

When I read this, I imagined a system like the one I told you, since if AGS knew (confirmed) a player is carrying RMT Gold, then it would be more efficient to just ban them on the spot (which is what the autoban is “kinda” doing atm).

But I do understand the rant part and I think I agree mostly with you.

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Its doable anyway, but unfortunately it would cost money, require a few more people to develop it, manage it, support it if it ever breaks, etc. and as they won’t make any profits from it, its just not a feasible business option.

Not only that it would require a database to be publicly exposed so an in game code can call it against players joining your group to see if they are RMT, etc. which can have a lot of legal setbacks especially around cyber security, data locations, etc…

Yeah, I was just bored and decided to show the CMs how absurd it is to expect humans to use common sense by asking for something in return. Even I dont have common sense these days, its just none existent in this human race.

They glow in the dark



That would be brilliant !! Hahahhahahaah…

Come on you fuckers, give us glow in the dark RMTers… With the ability to kick their fooking asses.

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Honestly ? Make them glow af and you can be sure I’ll RMT in 5 minutes !


Depends on the colour I guess, if its a shit boring colour nah. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I want a system they take the RMT gold from everyone who has something of it. You sell a bus and someone pays 500000 gold for it and you fall for it. AGS should take the gold from your account and from everyone who had the gold before. And the one who got it from the RMT seller or bot should be banned