Give us all the costumes(Skins) korea and RU have already!

Great. And which do you think will net more revenue. Releasing one model every year or releasing them all at the same time

Glad you understand it.

They are busy censoring them all before release

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They have the metrics of the people that bought founders packs, they are gonna wait it out to see if founders spend the currency they got on the current store then hit the store with new stuff after they see peoples crystal balance go down so you have to spend more, and they are gonna do like one to two skins at a time in a rotation because amazon has an ancient way of thinking and are banking on FOMO. I don’t see it really working out for them though people are just gaining more and more gold by the day and will just buy skins that way through conversion.

Black desert released with a bunch of skins for every class and has no issue selling more. lol 1 for most classes and 2 for some is not the way to go about this. I’m not talking feast or famine but currently it’s so bare-bones that it’s ridiculous.

This comparison is in no way the same. Skins are appearances and everyone has different tastes. The problem with thinking “people will only buy the best skin if all of them are released at once” is that they are going to be releasing the skins that we already know exist and people are not going to buy a skin if they don’t like the appearance and know a better one exists in the KR and RU versions.

There’s no reason to not release skins that are already in other versions because they will inevitably have to design more in the future and the current skins are not the “end all, be all”.

Lots of folks are excited for more skins today! We definitely hear ya, there will be more on the way, however we are focused on fixing the shop issues before going all in all at once :slight_smile:


Why are you being weirdly toxic? lol calm the fuck down kid


Theres alot more people that have no idea whats available in KR than those that do so your argument falls flat off the bat.

haha nice

I am super excited for new cosmetics Roxx!!

Can we hold a community competition to design costumes too the same way they do in Korea?

I know plenty of people who would LOVE to participate in something like that.

It’s actually a really big event in Korea when they do it yearly! :smiley:

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It’s obvious they want us to spend all the crystals from founders, give it a little time then release them to have us top up.

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Will there also be some skins/armor types outside the shop? I mean there are some mounts you get through quests, it would be nice to get some skins/different armor look through quests aswell :slight_smile:

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Can already imagine Amazon only selecting the most conservative skins.


server is up again and no new skins out now? are they coming after daily reset at 11 oclock?

They didn’t mention skins coming but people being excited for skins today. I was in another post where Roxx replied as well. Best bet is when they fix store issues

Yeaa! Can’t wait to see full censored , cover your all body armor skins from AGS :slight_smile:


What do you mean work towards you can’t buy any if the skins using silver anyways it’s like bdo it’s just best to outright pay actual $$$ if you can .

Please make those skins all dyeable . I’m getting so sick and tired of half the skins and gear not be dyeable .


If we all buy those new skins, do we get better server then?!

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you just learned that yesterday in school, and want to show off your newly aquired knowledge?

xD … i would really like to know how many languages you can write :))