Give us an infinite chaos dungeon

Think about rifts in Diablo 3.
Give us maps like that and make it infinite. After we cleared a map, we can go through a portal to the next map, and so on. Give us Chaos Dungeon-like rewards, which will be reduced with every new portal… to have some senseful gating how you like it. But please… bigger dungeons. I just want to rush through enemies.
Nobody likes loading screens. Nobody liks little enemy waves, which only trigger once i cleared a previous little wave or destroy an object. Nobody likes to wait for enemies to spawn, either!


But that wouldn’t make the game p2w anymore

It never was. It was always P2Progress, or also called P2Skip. If you think Lost Ark is P2W then New World is also P2W, because you have to pay for the game in order to make progress and “win” something.
And in Lost Ark you dont even have to pay anything to make progress and win. Imagine that!

you pay in diluted time.

Something like that would be nice. There are many additional modes I’d like to see in the game which I feel would make it better instead of the current design which is basically the chaos dungeons which aren’t even dungeons and only last 4-5 mins and then the raid boss modes. I’d like to see:

-what you mention here

-actual stuff to do in the world areas like tasks or missions and world events more than just a field boss here or there

-15+ player raids

-15+ player dungeons that are more like more advanced chaos gates

-a siege or battle type mode that is for 15+ players where you are thrown into an instance that is a world map area and you just battle a bunch of enemies and bosses and have to secure some things or do some tasks along the way

-a permanent guardian mode being like this current event where you have some power orbs and fight multiple bosses at the same time and are level matched

I just feel the game could be so much better with more variety in things to do that revolve around combat as well as making it more social with larger groups taking part. I can’t be the only one that really enjoys chaos gates, field bosses, and adventure island fights because I’m there kicking butt with a couple dozen other people and it has a more “epic” feeling to it.

i would love it too

P2Progress, P2Skip just sounds like some copium ways of avoiding calling lost ark P2W. Its pay 2 win and no one cares we just enjoy the game…

I mean “enjoying my time by getting entertainment from a game”

How do you win against an F2P player because you pay money?

How do I experience any disadvantage as a F2P player if others pay money in this game to progress faster?

Please, tell me!

I love the idea of a change to the chaos dungeons, they feel awkward and way too repetitive.
My suggestion is to reduce it to a single one, since nobody does only one of the two, but that single one is longer and better layed out with a chance to drop a entrance key. Those entrance keys can be stacked and plowed through once you have a longer gaming session.
Resting bonus will still work as usual

To be fair, someone does have to pay, or they don’t make any money.

GvG, pheons, insta dailie, etc. 1445 will get relic gear early + more gold then abuse market place again as well

Game is straight P2W but it ain’t a bad game

But it exists already u can run over and over chaos

I’ll translate what he meant by p2w.

“The game will not be appealing for whales anymore cause they can’t lead the ilvl”

Also game isn’t p2w now but will be when jcj non equalized islands conquered by guilds give big rewards to those on the guilds