Give us at least power pass to 302

The update will be 8H at least then we will need wait 8h more to be able play destroyer after knowledge transfer.
Can you at least give us power pass to T1 (302)

We already got powerpass to almost the end of T2 :smiley:

You got. I used my on lanceMaster. Just want one to at least 302 for destroyer… didn’t ask for to much

So you used your express pass and power pass and want more because… You’re a destroyer main swapping from Glaiver main which was a zerker main before the nerf announcement from KR?

You also used both Vern powerpass so you have at least 4 characters rushed up but didn’t save any for your destroyer?

What is so important in your life that you can’t handle the 8-hour waiting period? What adventures are you having on the side that or will be you pushing your destroyer to server number 1 that you cannot waste 8 hours, that you need every second for your plan?

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Honestly, why should you have to? it costs gold already. What is the 8 hour waiting period actually adding to the game? Is it providing engaging gameplay? Is it stopping abuse?

I can’t see any of that. The only reason I can think of for them to institute that timer is to encourage people to spend money on power passes in KR, which is the gross kind of timegating that only the shadiest of mobile companies go for.

While I think the current noise around power pass for destroyer is ridiculous, I don’t really see a compelling argument NOT to do both of the following things:

  1. Make North Vern Knowledge Transfer unlimited (i.e. more than 9 times).
  2. Make North Vern (specifically north vern) knowledge transfer instant.
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Hype new champ to play something different stop act so toxic , I want play him asap and enjoy I don’t have time to sit on pc 10h per day



You can play it asap, you don’t want to play it you want to reach the endgame with minimal effort. You don’t have to sit 10 on pc for 10 hours a day. Log in for 10 mins, start the transfer, go to work, meet your friends, have dinner with your mother, and have a life outside the game then when you are back home bam it is ready. This thing cannot be easier.


My timing is not your , the update kinda end when I back from
Work then after 8H time to sleep
Update will end in my timing 18:00, so… anyway don’t be so mean bro, just want to enjoy as much I can lol.

I am not trying to be mean, I mean let’s say logistics don’t work for you on the first day, you are gonna lose 24 hours max. People who are dropping money are always gonna beat us anyway so this “I need to be as effective as one can be” outlook, will only tear you down mentally. I always think like this, if they gave me all the relics, all the mokokos and gems engravings whatever and I was the strongest of the whole game. I would probably get bored in a week since there is nothing for me to chase anymore. So I want to get there as late as possible if ever but that’s just my point of view of course.

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dont tell me you used all knowledge transfer on the shitty classes ? hahahahah gz