Give us back Starlight!

For anyone from the Sirius/Sceptrum merge… Is this correct that we will be known as Armen now instead of Starlight?

Can I talk to the manager? :smiley:


wtf why have they changed the names again :confused:

people didn’t like balthor so they give u armen

but Balthor is gigachad!


Lots of people saying its because of that, but I don’t understand why they need to change the other names

Its a bit annoying when people create communities and recruitment around “Starlight” and now it has been changed to “Armen” last minute :c

Yes, but what to expect from people that complain? they need something that represents that is not gigachad

Agree, a lot of guilds recrutment post, banner, community discord etc have been done under Starlight. We didn’t request for this change, give us back Starlight :slight_smile:

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Personally I’m not against the server names, it’s just a name but also highly annoying if you chose “Starlight Express” as your guild name for example.

What burns my frikking biscuits is the day before news drop with NO real warning of a 16hour (Which i feel will be 24 hours by the end) maintenance.

It’s a cowboy move and shows me as a customer that Smilegate don’t care about us or the fact that people will be unhappy with this last-minute news. The compensation will be mediocre at best with issues that are bound to happen. I would hate to be their customer service if the whole server has lost items or worse.

Getting clown 24 hours later than the rest of the western world doesn’t bother me but lack of respect for me as a player does…

server 1 starts with S…
server 2 starts with S…
new server starts with A… (insert confused_cat.gif)

Starlight was a perfect name and no one complained about it. On the other had, a lot of players find Armen to be the most annoying and uncool NPC out of all of them. please give us back starlight.

Balthor is chad and seksi


Balthor is one of the best characters in the game :frowning:


He swings his hammer for us he proteCC and we attaCC


i dont think i saw anyone on innana complain about Balthor
sad times

oh, i liked the name starlight lol

doesnt really bother me either way but i suppose it fits in with the game a bit more

give us starlight back PepeHands

Starlight or riot!

Asked for a comment and got exactly that, they decided to switch things up a bit :o
was curious as to the why and can they try again? xD

Names were swapped due to negative feedback from the playerbase, but we don’t plan on making a third switch. Apologies.


I only saw people clowning on Balthor server name.
Cant find anyone complaining about Starlight server name, i don’t know how complaining about Balthor can change all of EUC server names together.

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I wish my server name was Armen :skull: I actually like the dude

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