Give us more to change to EU west

I played over 100 hours and have gold pack and 3 lvl 50 chars.

Why would anyone starting from scratch at similar situation? The new login rewards on EU west are crap. I would loose all invested crystals, the offer of 500 crystal in redemtion pack is joke.

My list of things which would make me change for EU WEST.

  1. 3x power pass
  2. 10000 crystals to compensate the 100 hours of my time.
  3. platinum pack bonuses

Amazons offer is just crap. Noone will go there just for that crap login rewards.

The current package is not even appealing outside of the aura. People who’ve out more than 50 hours in arent even going to consider it. Anyone over 500 ilvl is gonna straight up ignore it.

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Does anybody know, if you get at least the two power passes on West by playing to 50?

Only way I would move is if they move my entire roster wholesale with all my gear, progress, skins etc.

I’d just settle for my full founders pack back. They can delete my character in EU Central (to avoid the in economy issues they are scared of) and I’d have no problem moving to EU West for that.


Ok, you can keep your queue’s

Logged in at 14, played at 16:45. EU-West helped, thanks from EU-Central. Because it will get even better, I won’t move :slight_smile:
(two days ago, it was login at 14, play at 22)

Same comment from another topic:

A lot of people, don’t want to have fresh start. Some people have already invested 20/40/100+ hours in the game. For players with jobs, relationships, kids etc. those hours are, if not more important, to at least with the same importance as some skin, that is just pixels.

For a lot of us, nothing less than full transfer will be enough to make it OK to move to another servers/region.

Considering it’s a different region, couldnt they give out founders packs again without ruining the economy? Then just give a powerpass and I imagine a lot of people would switch over.

Amazon does not negociate with gaming “terrorists”. :slight_smile:

I bought 2600 christals on EU Central. Will I get them back on EU West ?

Twitch drops gone. Level / Questing again from the scratch → ARGH

Bare minimum is power pass. The questing in this game is horrible experience.

You move for yourself, if queue is not your thing.

91 hours in, ive hopped across to EUW now.
Im in one of the lowest pop EUC servers and i was still getting 8k queues and massive server lag.

Would much rather actually play the game and the 10 day login bonus isnt ‘that’ bad as an incentive. Get 500 Resonance to skip iLvl later, tons of rapport items and cards and 700 Blue Crystals which’ll help speed stuff up massively.

Why would i move to a server region that has worse latency because its farer away then my current one ??

The new Region is really for the West which is UK, IE and probably Island.

I’d gladly move for an instant 50 pass with a 900 ilvl pass so i wouldn’t let my proggress go to waste
It’s all i need.

I can deal with queues but not with broken matchmaking which prevent me from playing the game

If they cant transfer accounts to other regions then give them a free powerpass to T2.

That’s just ridiculous. You get 2 power passes per region. You should get a full gold pack though.

you get free powerpass to lvl 50. Most peoples issue is losing all the progress they have made.