Give us our Money Back or Give us free transfers

We don’t just need new servers, you have royally screwed up this release and you keep asking people to be patient and understanding. The most important thing about a new game release is the first few days to establish your character, establish your guilds and establish the foundation of enjoying your game. You have your largest player base in EU and you couldn’t comprehend making more servers at the start to accommodate for a larger player base then consolidate as needed? It’s not rocket science to think ahead. You are being reactive to issues rather than proactive and you are hurting your player base. Don’t be like dev’s of New World who completely dropped the ball and lost the majority of their strongest supports. Servers became so dead that they had to consolidate them due to their lack of understanding and working with their player base. Fix your shit. Give us free transfers, or offer a full refund to people who are sick of your dumb queue times till you are able to fix your shit, no one cares about some stupid cosmetics if we CAN’T EVEN GET ON THE SERVER WE WANT. In any case I’m sure absolutely no one from devs will see this message, cause they prefer you submit feedback on forums rather than a ticket because they know its a mess and have 0 care about responding to this. At best a community manager will look at this, give their 2 cents and absolutely not pass the message along.

Played through all the beta, loved every second of it, played throughout the founders period, loved every second of it. Player a collective 3 hours since full release, hated every second of waits and now I cant even wait. Disappointing.

this is not a developer issue more like distributer issue!