Give us players a free server transfer

While I really enjoy the game and all, I shouldn’t have to wait 5h+ just to join the server I have my characters on. I know I am not the only one that would change servers if they could bring the progress with them.

Give everyone a timed(meaning they got lets say 3 days to swap) free server transfer, giving possibility to any player on crowded servers to transfer to a new one, doing a favor to any of those crowded servers since they will free spots and wont inflatiate queues, so both parties will be happy the old crowded server gets free and other players that moved are enjoying playing where they left but in a new servert thats not crowded.
Its the only perfect non scumbaish solution they can provide…

that would be nice! but i do not think that we have elsewhere to go…almost all servers have a 10+ que…madness i tell you