Give us ranked mode/ and or rewards for pvp

The threads start repeating. This is just being discussed in “ranked pvp start when”.

The systems exist, they aren’t just implemented.

But wait we got an official response from roxx there!

" We haven’t announced the start of the ranked season yet, stay tuned!"

Literally nothing burger. Not even a date, leaving us in the dark not knowing if its 1 week or 3 months until then.

All the while pvp enjoyers literally lose out on progress by having “fun” but not being rewarded in any way ( don’t get the wrong idea, its never a 1:1 , its always more profitable advancing in pve rather than pvp, but at least we got something.)
While pve players have “fun” and drown in tons of gold from 10 different avenues.

Can we stop being treated as second class citizens please? Im fine with any rewards/progress.

The only valid argument i see for the lack of its implementation is the fact that people that played in kr/ru would get top leaderboards.

And good for them i say. They did play and support the game before.

But putting everyone down for a chosen few feels unpleasant.

I know there are a few of you who support that and would rather not have rewards at all rather than seeing a few people who learned and played this game before at the top ranks, but personally i dont care and would rather have the rewards.

At least give us an announcement. #ranked when?