Give us reaper!

pls amazonians and sg chads give us reaper pls and ty


No reaper for you.


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One day you will have reaper, but for september, it’s scouter.

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We are getting reaper as the next character!

We better

look at the last patch they gave us arcanist because the mage class has only 2 characters… now it’s got 3… Assassin only has 2 now so they need to bring it up with the others which means reaper

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Give us Brain!

another class like arcanist, squishy and not good, just for the skins, but is ok, ppl will know it when upgrade and waste mats, its more good to play “iron man” who only need 2 gems like demonic and summoner is really expensive to use, for ppl who dont know, she use both class engraving

Give Us Artist! (and female paladin) or give me … ?!?

Yes another glass cannon like GS that gnna die in first 2 min of every raid cus mr streamer said u should roll grudge/cursed doll with no skill.Personally i dont play support but artist would be the best optiion

reaper by far is the best option for right now in the game

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That logic doesnt work anymore since theres only 2 support classes out rn and Amazon straight up said they dont care

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Tomorrow is going to be a great day for Reaper mains.


absolutely not, reaper only, no need for brain when stabbystabstabby class come

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