Give us roster bound shards

Just do it. Please. Let it be finished.


Because I’m sitting at 300k+ and don’t need nearly as much, my fresh alts could make good use of them.

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This above, I got a bunch of mats and shards that are “character” bound and they should be “roster” bound IMO. Might even help fight against botters since these wouldn’t be as much of an issue anymore.

ALL honing mats should be roster bound, as they are in other versions of the game. Character binding is just another way to milk money from the players, just like Pheons, which serve no purpose. If you just limited items to being sold once, there is no reason to have pheons.

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I did not make that mistake but my friend did. He’s sitting at 170k-180k shards for t1 and t2 on his t3 character. He assumed shards are roster wide because it shows on the currency bar.


Is it true that korea and russia dont have bound mats?

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if they do this then the same people who cry now about character bound will cry that they fall too far behind because they cant play 12 alts to funnel all the roster bound mats to their main.

no its not true. some people are just idiots who like spreading wrong information.