Give us the ability to block cross server

Some people are toxic and it’d be nice to just block them rather then listen to them rant in multiple games about how they think they know how to PvP and it’s everyone else’s fault when they lose.

Edit: Be even better if that block prevented you from being matched with said player on your team.



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+9001…Gotta be over 9000.

Totally agree. I’m on Shandi, que’d for elim and the same sorc from Mari was on my team 3 games in a row…They spammed emotes and did 0 dmg. Can’t block or avoid them so…Yeah, make this a thing.


That or allow us to disable pings at the very least in PvP. Or add long cooldowns (10+secs) to each ping.

Toxic folks who spam it non-stop only helps put their teammates on tilt vs actually anything productive. I slid 300 MMR going on tilt with multiple games folks spamming ping and creating a clutter of distractions. Obviously if I belonged in the higher ranks I’ll be able to climb back up but definitely don’t need the anger that comes with folks spamming nonstop. For me blocking that out helps with the climb and my enjoyment of the game