Glaiver 960 boost?

Should i have a character at 960ilvl in order to use new comming Glaiver boost ?

The Feiton Power Pass will boost a new character of your choice to 960 – you’ll need to complete the Feiton portion of the game’s storyline to earn it


What does that mean exactly?

As in you have it complete on a previous character like Vern pass right?

Will that be retroactive, or will we need to make a new character from scratch to get it?


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Nope, if you’ve already done it you’ll get it, no need to get a new character through it


Thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated!

The Feiton Power Pass can we save it for the destroyer or another class to come?

One question: I still have the Vern Power Pass, so will I be able to keep both Vern + Feiton at the same time?

should people that want to boost destroyer be saving this
or will we be getting this with destroyer as well?

Since I’ve already completed Feiton, 5 times to be exact, does that mean I’ll get the Feiton Power Pass in my mail the moment I log in after the weekly maintenance?

You always get a power pass with a new class most likely a higher pass also

Is it accountwide or just specific for server ?

When do i even get the Feiton Power pass ?

my pass arrived on the wrong server when i logged in after maintenance, since i have characters on 2 servers that have completed the prerequisites, so now I cant use it on my main server untill i get a response.

yea i kinda see it before loging in and loged in first to server i wanted