Glaiver vs Deathblade

Since it’s about time that I finally pick an Alt beside my main Zerker (I do have a Sorc in T2 but I’ve discovered I can’t play a char without a huge weapons), I did test all of the classes and my favorite ones were Striker and Deathblade , whom I’ve chosen to be my main alt. Now, Glaiver came, and I really do like her. Only thing I dislike is skill swapping but I guess I could get used to it.

So what do you say? Which char is …more nimble, tougher, better for parties, good at dps … And input is appreciated.

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The weapon swap is definitely doable in Glaivier. No problems at all with the mechanism until now. It’s a matter to understand how each skill works and combo better with other. Overall, super intuitive the weapon swaping flow.

I was playing with Deathblade until now. Glaivier is already my main.

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I’m a Gunslinger main and one of my main alts is a Deathblade. This class feels like a mix between the two. I think its much easier to build than a Deathblade. You don’t even really need a endgame crit cardset because they get so much built in crit. Stance/gun swapping is prob my favorite thing of the class and why I’m going to focus it more than my Deathblade I think.

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What i can say from my experience is:
Survivability is definetly easier on glavier, because you are less squishy and can move quite alot.
Damage i would say is definetly higher on deathblade, but still quite good damage on glavier. About the ability swap: with time you wont even notice that you are doing it, cause it just gets normal after some time. About team: deathblade has an good ability to weaken the boss and a possible buff for the hole team with some dmg boost, while the glavier has the huge crit debuff wich is extreemly strong since everyone just hits more crits with that.


I been a bard main… me and the fiance made Glaiviers to play and are just adoring them.
Ran infinite chaos and had a blast even
Very hard for me to decide between my bard and my glaivier :c

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Just so you know, glaivier doesn’t even come close to deathblade DPS.

Glaivier DPS is around that of a taijutsu scrapper.


can just say that glaivier, especially in chaos is a lot more fun.
both have chargin skills and repositjoning skills, but death blade has it easiert to get behind the boss

A lot of hype around glave, but i still love my blade main. The glave is fun a different playstyle and all around i got nothing bad to say. But my blade popping off 10 milli hits all the time is so satisfying tbh. Even if its not the most ideal class it just feels so rewarding in comparison.

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I main Deathblade until now and love her. Really having a though decision to make if I should stay with Deathblade or switch to Glaivier. I’m having so much fun with glaivier right now BECAUSE of the weapon switch. I mean, you have more skills to play with, that’s amazing! I really like the fluid rotation, animations etc. The only point that annoys me is that her DPS is really weaker than Deathblade. Deathblade is like easier to play with and does more damage. Glaivier ist more fun, harder to play (cuz more skills, longer rotation…) and still does less damage. What should I do? T_T

For Glaiver, If you don’t like switching, there is a engraving (control) that make you play only the Blue side, and it’s perfectly viable :slight_smile:

If you go control you dont even need to skill swap.

I Main surge db but just got an t3 glavier and for me it seems more fun. Although I don’t like the swapping stances (pinnacle), with the control class engraving the playstyle is nice.

Some people may like difficult playstyles and I totally get it, but I don’t want always to be 100% focused on getting every position right and don’t getting hit like when playing surge db. DB is more squishy then glavier and then you have to take care of getting ur stacks ( even running after guardians) and then to land ur surge which can be tricky sometimes.

Pros for glavier are also the movement ability’s and especially the stagger potential ! DB stagger capabilities are so low and slow. With glavier I have the feeling that I’m contributing a lot to the stagger checks which is nice.

Cons are for me the pvp. Probably need getting used to the class but I don’t like switching between stances in pvp.

Db is more tanky. Its weird, but we’re not super squish like gunners, strikers, reapers, or even glave.

Glave is closer to gunner playstyle. Dont get smacked cause youll die pretty quick. (My blade is 1400 and my glave is 1310 so maybe im not remembering right but im pretty sure i solod the scorpion and irexion and i cannot solo with the glave.)

Thats the main difficulty with blade. Remaining energy build helps with that tbh, surge is nice for the big surge number, but remaining energy is for those that dont like that playstyle.

What? Blades have 2nd or 3rd highest stagger in the game. Earth cleave and soul absorber are mid-high and ypur main stagger, your ult is high, your surge does stagger, your auto staggers im pretty sure, void strike low stagger, most of the blade builds are stagger machines.

Glave has alot of stagger abilities in blue, from what ive noticed most of them are low stagger though. But its enpugh to where you do a full combo with all your blue abilities and do a pretty decent amount of stagger.

Getting stacks i feel can be easy or hard tbh. Spincutter and wind cut are your main sources i think those 2 alone will give you 7 stacks. 3 from spincutter and 4 from wind cut. Those help alot with stacks and tbh with a cd reduction rune on wind cut you can get your stacks soley on the wind cut. But i can somewhat aggree it is a much harder playstyle than glave.

Death blades are solid as alts. Surge or RE.
Surge is a but more expensive to build the higher you go imo.

Striker is very expensive from every aspect if you try to do deathblow. To have it feel fluid you have to have damn near perfect gems, stats, 2 purple wealth runes, 1 gold wealth rune, etc. It starts feeling good around 1370-1385 but will for sure pick up with relics.

Side note, I think it’s funny most people hate lance master after being so hyped for it. Now they say artist will provide more supports … Perhaps lance master can provide some foreshadowing. Release reaper, destroyer, and scouter. Artist will be destined for a dead end lopang job and painting on weekends.

I agree with your observations
Glaive is a very cool and interesting to play, both in overall style, skill flow and skill rotations, I like her a lot.


She’s not particularly tough and her DPS seems lackluster. She’s not even too mobile tbh.

Now I know that comparison to my 2 other alts is hardly fair (Zerker and Sorc) but still. I’ve talked with a few guys on our discord server about that and they assured me she’s a late bloomer and needs a lot of gear and engravings to work properly - all that is nice and good but with recent class popularity, I’m not even sure when I’ll collect the copious amount of gold to gear her in latest meta.

Also, I’ve played with this dude once, and that gives me some hope. Clearly, it can be done.

Yeah deathblade has some higher staggering ability but from my experience glaivier has a lot more than 2 staggers. If a random stagger check is coming and you used your earth cleaver or soul absorber already you won’t help ur team much.

However I must say I play blue control glaivier with swiftness so i profit from cd reduction and att speed increase, which allows me to hit almost all skills during knockdown/stagger phase.

These stats ( surge with spec and control glaivier with swiftness) need to be taken into account for who is better at e.g. stagger checks.

To each their own i guess. I usually have no issues with stagger or counters. Like i said before earth cleaver and soul absorber are mid-high, and the rest are low to mid with only 2 abilitys that dont do any.

But i think your also forgetting about the surge buff. When you enter the surge mode you get cd reduction. Coupled with 2 i think theyre rage runes you get quitr a bit of cd reduction.

But glave is fun sure. I like my glave, i just dont think shes particularly great at anything. Shes got good movement, good stagger, some high burst damage, etc etc. Imo my guess is that shell get better over time with more gear and essential engravings like the last person said.

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Can you list them? Just in case to check mine

In order of importance, my opinion. Obviously 3 on all, but I specifically put 3 for class because it is a class you want to max. The benefit is huge.
If you’re pinnacle
Pinnacle 3
Keen blunt
Cursed doll
Increase mass maybe as a 5th.

@briathus Pinnacle and grudge are a must.

Ambush master could arguably be more important than the others due to its multiplicative boost.

Id say the must haves are.
-cursed doll

The options very after that. Each one is good in their own right.

  • keen blunt- is pretty unanimously used as a 4th engraving in all build guides considering you get increased crit rate and dmg with pinnacle.

  • raid captin- if you find yourself with at the least 120% movement speed then id recommend raid captin, its a pretty good buff but only useful over a certain percentage. but if you dont have movement speed i wouldnt go for it.

  • increase mass- good 4th or 5th engraving tbh. Lose attack speed, but hit harder.

  • ambush master- solid engraving. Its multiplicative so it’s usually pretty good to run. Only thing is it relys on you hitting the back which can be difficult later on. Only take it if you are confident you can rotate and hit the back. Otherwise this engraving is useless.

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