Glaivier confirmed April 21st

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I’m sure it’s subject to change


if they delay it, whiteknights will come “heh, they said a new lance the 21st, never said was lancemaster, it can be a skin for gunlancer !”


At this point, hoping it happens. It would mean the world to me

Funny how a backlash led to a date being given

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also teased on instagram as well. so yeah kinda confirmed.

Guys, while I disagree with how they have handled this situation, let’s please stay positive on our reactions to this, to give them the positive feedback that they do not need to go full on Blizzard and keep dead silent because we’ll lash out at any announcement. It’s what we have been arguing after all, that we’d be much more patient if we felt informed.

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this means pretty much Glaivier 21st and south vern 28th. That tweet was just due to community outrage.

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Telling them they’re doing a good job when they clearly aren’t isn’t going to help.


I just can’t wrap my head around the fact they didn’t anticipate most of the community expected the big april patch to hit on the 14th. I mean, they MUST have known, right? Unless it really came down to the last few hours if they could get the patch out today or not i just cant imagine a scenario in which managing expectations and telling us it wont be today in advance is not the best route to take. Unless they r just trolling the community again and releasing the patch today nontheless. i mean 8hrs downtime for nothing seems rather excessive.

But yeay, Lance wielding waifu. Can’t wait :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No? Nothing is confirmed, just that there will be news or announcement for Glaivier on the 21st, maybe a release date on the 28th.

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How can you say that Glaivier has been confirmed without any official statement?
You are expecting it because they added a date to a gif???

People are taking you serious and having high hopes, only that their Glaivier will be released on the 28th and than blame AGS again.

Don’t just say it has been confirmed when there was no official annoucement kekw


I don’t care anymore, my enthusiasm and patience have been worn out

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Probably not comming even this month lmao. I am sure game breaking problem is gonna occur as usual, so we get 12hrs maintenance in prime time, 1 battle chest fo free and cheap battle pass for 200bucks.

You know it’s bad when the community seems like they expect bs

At this point im not gonna believe anything thats coming from their end

Is that the excitement marketing for may already?

Exactly this, because the login event refreshed on every bigger patch. The Grand Prix event was running out that day.

But then they changed the grand prix event ending date. From that point on I expected it to be delayed… Dunno why they didn’t announce officially by then.

Also the daily login reward hotfix that has 6 days is kinda funny. So you just know they aligned the daily login reward reset with the patch.

Well, AGS has been pretty consistent in not delivering. But atleast we got VIP 20k tournament for top 1%. All good.

so glad we the april content at the end of the month, which is basically may, their 2 month roadmap was really just a 1 month roadmap, but atleast now we can expect may’s update at the end of may.

wonder if they will pull the same hype marketing bs with destroyer