Glaivier confirmed April 21st

Lets not call honeypot article a roadmap…

There is CLEARLY a gigantic lack of EXPLANATIONS, you dont need to be a genius to know that the balance class PTR starting in Korea the 15th is connected to our releases as we have the same latest class balance (mayhem zerk for exemple).

Do they mention the PTR in Korea which is presented as a MAJOR balance patch as a reason for a delay ?

No they dont and thats a shame… im pretty sure most of people would understand and could even be happy there are some test involve (even though they are testing it in a 1500+ ilvl environnement).

Not disagreeing

You mean Lance Master confirmed April 21st

Only people from France and/or high on mushrooms would call it a Glaivier

i guess its fine, i already chilled my mood after yesterday, just sad that those days off work i gonna spend by farming infinite chaos instead of lvling and gearing my lance mommy. Gonna stay as 1340 for another week, playing without my friends, because i didnt wanted to push my alts to 1370+ but whatever, my hype about that class is gone already.

Are they doing to do the same tweet for scouter? Just a picture of a suspicious machine gun?

You see a release on the 21st.

I see an announcement about a release on the 21st.

We are not the same fixes tie.