Glaivier Release

Will the class be released on this upcoming patch on the 14th?

the patch is in april, we don’t know if its on the 14th or not, probably not.

Who knows, they are keeping this information from us from whatever reason.

I wonder if their marketing lead has any idea what they are doing

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Amazon Games is completely clueless if they think they can skip releasing the content update on the same day the calendar rewards reset and one of the events ends.


Its the patch before Easter, so who knows WHAT they will release…

There are corrupt rabbits in their other game ‘New World’ that they just released…
So maybe?
:rabbit2: :egg:

It may very well be possible, but there are some items which should be looked at.

PAX East is just around the corner. According to google its;


AGS Will be attending this event, and if I were a marketing division, this would be a prime location I would use to announce the (First) Major patch / addition of classes to the widest audience possible.

This is entirely speculation, but to know that this level of effort is being placed in a class launch actually makes me pretty happy.

Yeh, might be another week away, but it’s also a safer option to launch it after easter, as these often have public holidays attached to them etc. (you need all hands on deck for a rollout like this).

We’ve just got to be patient and go with the flow <3

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No information yet from any of the AGS staff

I really hope they aren’t planning to show patch notes and a trailer that late into the month. We would basically be going another two weeks with nothing besides dailies to do.

The patch notes this week are up ;3 so the PAX theory now has a lot more credibility behind it :heart:

I’m excited to see what they do! :smiley: it’s not far now, but I predict that the marketing will begin to ramp up!

wait where do u see the patch notes?

At the top of every screen…

Nope official release is 21th April next week mate :slightly_smiling_face: