Glaivier's Starfall Pounce skill is completely broken since the update if you have a gamepad connected

It seems to always just go to the very edge of its range regardless of where you were targeting. Here’s a short clip showing what I mean: Starfall Pounce test - YouTube

It was not like this before the update. But the skill is totally unusable now for people like me who use a gamepad for some things but not all.

The weird thing is this is the only skill I have had this problem with. Even Shadowhunter’s jumping pounce thing when in demon form–which is a pretty similar skill–does not do this.

Hey there @Kevadu

I’ve moved your post to the Bugs and Localization Feedback section so the right team can have visibility about this issue!


Thank you @Fanduh for moving this post over.

Could I have your character name and server?