Glavier (1345) or Gunlancer (960)

So currently struggling between both classes which is more relaxing/easy class and cheap to 1370+ ?

Gunlancer is def relaxing and easy.

And much cheaper, but not really if your glavier is already much closer

Gunlancer was my first alt but it feels so boring to me. The taunt immunity and the fact that mobs will turn around even if taunted makes playing like a “tank” feel unrewarding.

It’s really going to come down to personal preference though. Many people enjoy it.

Lone Knight gunlancer feels brutally fun providing lots of stagger which ends being important, debuff cleanse, shielding and bits of tanking

Gunlancer is surely cheaper and easy to play

No need to play a class if its not fun. There are too many othet classes.

So Gunlancer to 1370+ then ?

Is it though? I am looking at 5k+ per accessory on the Blue Gunlancer (someone even trying to sell the only good necklace for 30k+ right now on EUC)… However Red Gunlancer is indeed ridiculously cheap for even 3333. I don’t know how expensive Glaivier is though.

Gunlancer is cheaper to gear and allows you to build out a damage spec or tank focused spec based on content. It was my third character and a primary in my roster.

Glavier is one of the most expensive due to being flavor of the month, people pushing to T3 quickly, and creating epic demand for epic/legendary accessories.

I put costs of a good gunlancer build below that of building a support. High but you get good value from the engravings and gear.

Glaivier is gear and skill point dependent having 4 good red skills and up to 6 blue skills that you will want to take to level 7~11 each. While not crit dependent it sadly needs accessories that many DPS compete for. Keen blunt, grudge, cursed doll.

I spent about 9K gold in jewelry a week before release for 3333 no negatives and those pieces are now worth between 5-8K gold each in the current economy. It’s cutthroat right now and will be for the next few months. Relics will not push these prices down, relics will just slot above higher in price. Rough times ahead for new Glaives.

I was able to go 3331 on my blue lancer for ~8k on USW. It’s not that expensive.
3 Grudge, 3 Barricade, 3 Spirit Absorbtion, 1 Combat Readiness.

Glaivier is much more expensive for many reasons. The biggest being your gems specially as a pinnacle.

You prioritize atk gems over CD as a glaivier for almost every skill (being 4/3 5/2) since you’ll be building spec/swift and stance changing giving you more swiftness, CD gems are less important. The price difference between the two as you climb up gem levels is a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

Engravings are eh in price. You’ll be using most the same stuff on many different classes anyways.

I am on EUC and when I looked at the prices I died a little inside… 3-5k a piece. Meanwhile I am looking at 3333 for Red at about 2.5k total…