Glavier-Control o Pinnacle?

Hello! Here is a new player in Lost Ark, after several days testing characters I have decided to use glavier as the main one, my question is, what class engraving would you recommend?

Control if you have problem on switching style but if not pinnacle is the best with swift spec or spec swift build

Pinnacle style with Swift Spec
Raid capt3
Grudge3 (expensive) or mass inc.3 (cheap)
Super charge (for Some galvier with charge skills) or ambush master

Pinnacle with Spec
Grudge3 or mass
Super charge or ambush master
Spirit abs (cheep) but it will ease your positioning to dps and dodge mechs.

Contol With spec Crit or Crit Spec or Crit Swift
Spirit Abs
All out attack or ambush or Raid capt (if Swift crit build)

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in my opinion, pinnacle is the best just bc she can go in red stance and has a parry that can save your life from anythig (except wipe mechs) can´t count the number of times it saved me in clown g2

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The whats best or not talk is stupid in my opinion expecially in LA where performance goes hand in hand with the raid itself.

Pinnacle glaivier: Clunky(even with swift), you have to change stances to use your kit fully. Pinnacle is stronger in dps and have bigger numbers compared to control. She is also more flashy cause of the skills itself. I would describe her as “melee mage” if you can call her that. As already pointed out she also has an “oh shit button” being the dragonscale defense. You can counter pretty much everything except some abilities. Want to keep on dealing damage while Valtan makes his push over roar? No problem.

All in all: Slow, heavy hitting with diverse gameplay and handy abilties.

Control glaivier: Fluid and fast, you only use one of both stances being the blue one. Her dps is lower than the pinnacle(atleast on our version for now). Since you are bound to one stance she lacks a little bit in diversity. She is your typical stick to your opponents ass melee fighter to deal max damage while the pinnacle glaivier also has “range” attacks that can be also launched infront of or beside the boss.

All in all: Very good movement, fluid, plays in one stance hugging the opponents butt.

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Everything you need to know.

What a bad recommendation and even worse builds and engravings. Spirit absorption?? Mass increase as alternative for grudge?? Wtf.

Control does NOT build spec, but swift only. Also no all out attack. What kind of source do you use for your builds?

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Bruh. Learn the builds before you recommend them to people lmao.

Pinnacle is really fun. I think it lacks a bit of damage if I may be honest.
I run mine with

Grudge 3
Keen Blunt 3
Raid Captain 3
Ambush Master 3
Pinnacle 3

In my case I went with Ambush Master because that’s the stone I managed to make with 7/7, so I also end up running Entropy on it. Although this gives slightly bigger numbers, it’s a bit harder to execute and, in my experience, you’d be better off with Mass Increase + Poem of Salvation.

Just my two cents tho