Glavier or Striker

So i started 2 alts one was the Glavier and the other a Striker. Both are fun, so thats not the issue but are both good at end game, which is better for pvp as well?

Do you want an easy time (glaivier) or hard time(striker)?

Glaiviers Pinnacle setup is pretty strong early in the game, while Striker struggles until mid T3 (1370) with skill points and wealth runes. Heavily recommend to play esoteric flurry striker until relic gear.

TLDR: Glaiver if its an alt just for doing daily. For main or main swap, both are equal.


yeh wasn’t sure if i was going to switch to maining either, but its possible. Is Glavier really that easy? as for pvp is there a real difference between them?

Glaiver has a parry that can tripod to stun enemies (if the counter attack successfully hit enemies), which is very strong in pvp. Plus, Glaiver has bigger AoEs than Striker and also a couple range attacks so technically you can land hits much more easily.

Striker is more like a juggler, you can keep target on the air for a long time but need helps to actually kill anyone. Also majority of Striker abilities are really hard to land on moving targets due to the tiny hitboxes compared to like all other classes, except Wardancer.

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A striker is like a dandelion. One hit and you will be sent flying. It is very frustrating at times since your damage comes from combo/juggling. 1v1 tho, pretty nice but heavily countered by db.

Glaivier is more balance but has harder rotations and awkward motions or positioning after skill use. Probably need more time with it. Just balanced overall.

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