Glavier release date

Hi I know you guys might be trying to hype the release of glavier by hiding the release date or maybe there’s a few things you guys haven’t finished yet on the dev side, whatever the case may be if the release isn’t this Thursday I would suggest letting the community know it’s not this Thursday because everyone in the community strongly believes it’s going to happen this Thursday. The heat you guys will get will be much less if you tell the community now rather than Wednesday.

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is this a joke? How old are you dude?

I love thursdays, it’s another week closer to destroyer being (not) released.

? exactly what i said happened lol wasn’t that hard to predict

the people mad are children. They specifically said before that glavier would be released at the END of the month, meaning the last 2 weeks, not the 2 week of the month. People are snowflakes and whine about everything these days, i seriously don’t understand what this world is becoming with all this cancel culture, and whine culture. I hope they didn’t release any statement about apologizing because they have no reason to.

Imagine getting heat because the character will be released 1 week after when THE COMMUNITY thought it would be released, crazy.