Global Chat Function Emoticon

Dont know if this is mentioned before but I am unable to use the emoticons for a lil while now, the same is true for some guildies as well. I need my emoticons!

same, you can type the emoticons like [funny] and that’ll work. Hopefully we get it fixed soon as Global chat is too good!

Hello, seen a few threads on the Emoticons not working in the chat. I’ve reported it to the team!

Can you report this annonying but that when you go to an adventure island and you switch specs and equipment, from supp build to dps build in my case, using the saved build, it changes the equipment and skills but the stats remain locked. (And it’s not a visual bug)

Hi! It would be useful if you made a new forum topic on this issue. See if you can get a couple screenshots too! I’ll be able to send your whole post over to the team.


I’ll try! Thx