Global Chats Vanished

All of my global chats vanished until I exited the game entirely. I had multiple disconnections, both via bugs and at least once due to the laptop falling asleep which may have triggered this, and I was logged into the game in some capacity (or at least had it running now that you can bounce to the server select screen) for a few days. It happened across multiple characters and wasn’t restored until I closed the game and came back, at which point it fixed itself.

NA West / Enviska / Qsario

Hello! Is everything back to normal now?

Yes, after I exited the game and logged back in, everything was back to normal.

Appreciate the update! Hopefully it’s a one off bug!

Afraid not, I just had the same problem happen again. This time on my bard Astralenia, still on NAW / Enviska server.

I’ve also seen it double every line of chat within a global chat and been unable to actually talk on it (you can type stuff, but nothing appears).

I suspect it may be related to disconnections because I see those too lately, but everyone already knows about that.

this keeps happening to me, how do i manage my guild…

I’ve had it happen several times now. The only way to get them back is to fully exit the game and log back in.

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@OminousOnion is this being fixed next update

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