Global honing buf when


you wont see it before Brelshaza raid at this rate.

why would they release the honing buff when they can make you pay every two month for each class release ???

lol i wont

with albrelshud, maybe in october patch or so since it’s up to 1490.

don’t FOMO and just hone no point waiting at this point

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its hereeee

If you mean 1302 - 1370 then yes. But since I am assuming you mean 1370-1415 then no.

what does it %10 buff mean then

Absolutely no clue. Could be mistakenly copy/pasted. Could apply to 1302 - 1370. It could apply to up to 1545 if you have enough hopium. No one really knows

i think its until relic gear which is like 1415, we will see tomorrow. doesnt matter for me anyways

brelshaza tomorrow?

well we didnt get the 1370-1415 part, so it changes nothing.