Global honing buff when?

Can we get the global honing buff already? even with the stronghold buff is not worth to be pushing alts past 1370 because its a gold sink.Content is been pushed to us faster than other regions, and we would like to play more alts in legion raids


Comes with kakul saydon. Assuming they do not try to remove it from that patch.

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play the game and you can have more alts at 1415… the insane honing buff isnt coming before clown anyway… probably not before abrel even.

Hows the global honing buff work? i assumed it was just for t1/t2?

t1 and t2 always 100% and double upgrades but at t3 chances are just better and way cheaper to hone

There was a screenshot from launch where T1 and T2 were basically 100% and moving up 2 upgrade levels instead of 1 and T3 pre 1370 had like 10 or 20% increased honing buff or smth.

Ah no much benefit for me then, im never doing t1 or t2 again if i can avoid it! tho up to 1370 is nice…

For T3, like a 60% decrease in mats (shards, stones, leaps) and an increase in honing chance required in T3 until 1415 I believe. This stacks with the stronghold researches too, I think.

they did it just to help whales/rmters go through with their alts already at 1370, as for non spenders who didn’t push alts through the deadzone, well …

60% decrease in XP and mats till 1340 and 30% XP / 50% mats decrease till 1370 as well as 20% base success rate for both. Nothing after 1370 since it’s only for ilvl 1302 gear meaning blue/purple. Legendary starts at 1340 base. I’m looking at the screenshot when writing this.

Lets not get greedy until at least a couple of weeks guys!

Ah, ok.

greedy with what exactly? 1340-1370 is still the worst part

With asking where is the next honing buff a couple of hours after being told were getting a honing buff LOL.

They will end up thinking we never happy!

By “we” I assume you mean people with a 1460 main? Because otherwise, this buff does nothing.

Don’t worry little dude you will get 1460 eventually and can join us enjoying the honing buff.

(tbf i am actually currently 1450).

The global honing buffs comes with Brelshaza in the Kr server

Bro this crying must end already, I literally play 3h/day and I have 1460main, 1415alt, 1385, 1370 and 1340 with enough leaps to go to 1370, 150k gold chilling

Literally f2p, no rmt no whale no bullshit, your excuse is what? Pitied to hell and back and here I am, what forbid you from doing what I’ve done?

hey is NA East down or something? I can’t select it to play
server page says no maintenance and green checkmarks

BUMP :eyes: , we should absolutely get global honing buff ASAP. Player retention is extremely bad and we’re not getting a lot of new players. T1-T2 is completely dead content & boring. The most fun thing about this game doesn’t even start before you’re 1415+. And global honing buff helps TREMENDOUSLY with reaching that threshhold. @Roxx please take this further. We can NOT wait until Brelshaza(Abrelshud) raid before this gets released.