Global honing buff when?


My excuse? I’m very unlucky with honing, that is just it. And 150k gold? Did you sell something expensive? No way I could get that amount with just dailies/weeklies, that is just impossible.

Honestly at this point with my bad luck I am just hoarding materials for when the buff eventually hits. Everything else would just be a waste of mats and gold (1400 main paladin and 3 alts at ~1375)

2023 maybe

T1 and T2 should have it, dont care much for T3 and i only have one alt at 1330 and my main is 1385…

For anyone who took a break from the game, a long break, or new players. Moving alts through T1 and T2 is ridiculous.

The company can literally gain increased revenue from fixing T1 and T2 honing. Theres no reason I should need more than 12k stones and other materials in T2. its ridiculous.

By now T1/T2 should’ve had 100% success rate all the way to +15 and one hone provided +2 or +3 per gear. In KR I think this was introduced with Valtan. But on our bootleg version of the game, Scamazon wants to milk even this content which almost no one is doing right now. Cause why not? No dollar must be wasted.

We don’t even have a confirmation that we will get any honing buff. If I remember correctly, it has been told something like this “we’ll try something different with NA/EU”. For now, the only “different thing” that we get is reduced gold cost of honing, pretty decent amount of mats injected through events and login (still far far from remotely close to honing buff) and limited-time honing books every weeks. These books are basically our honing buff.

So at this point, the fact that we will ever get a global honing catch-up buff isn’t even something that has been confirmed yet. We really don’t know. Might be with Arcana release (pretty sure RU got its between Vykas and Kakul) might be with Abrel, might be never.

The 1460 stronghold research is not a honing buff. It doesn’t help jack shit for new players or players that are below 1460. While it is, technically, a “honing buff” it’s not the honing buff we’re talking about.

We have a catch-up event almost 24/7 up in return lol. Besides that the game was out for a longer time on valtan release in KR. We get our patches in a pretty fast pace compared to kr. Let people enjoy their low level stuff, it’s good learning content after all cause nobody wants and likes the low roster “IL matters” handcuffs in endgame content.

not sure why the game wasn’t released with this from the get go. if T3 is the highlight of the game, surely you want players to be able to experience that more and as soon as possible?

They’ll do the honing buff when there’s 50k players left and they want to bring players back.

We’re at 100k so pretty close!

I just spent 50k gold and only got one upgrade today. At this point I’m done with this game. Good luck everyone.