Global Inven Lost Ark Resource

Hey adventurers! We want to share a valuable resource that can be used during your time playing Lost Ark to help you research anything and everything, from your first ever Class choice to that last pesky Mokoko Seed you’re looking for.

You can find the full website here: Lost Ark - News, Guide, Database, Class, Skill, Item, Map, Craft. Mokoko Seeds, Skill Builder

And if you don’t know where to start, here are some extra handy links that adventurers have found useful!

Maps: Lost Ark MAP info - Inven Global
Nautical Maps: Lost Ark Inven Nautical Map info - Inven Global
Skill Simulator: Lost Ark Skill Simulator - Inven Global
Skills: Lost Ark Skill - Inven Global
Items: Lost Ark Item - Inven Global
Rapport: Lost Ark Rapport - Inven Global
Crafting: Lost Ark Craft - Inven Global
Cards: Lost Ark Card - Inven Global
Sailors: Lost Ark Sailors - Inven Global

We hope this site helps keep you informed during your adventures through Arkesia!