Glorious Melody Skin Pack Updated to Fit the West

Hey I just wanted to ask, Do you guys intend to make the Glorious Melody Skin Pack usable on artist/specialist? the Ark Pass Season 2 skin. The skin’s original art was updated.

Previous Patch Version :
Screenshot 2023-01-28 211517

New Patch Version :
New Glorious

So I kind of want to know if it was supposed to be active or an accident since I been saving it for so long and wanted to use the skin on artist/specialist.


I´ve saved the ark pass 2 skin too for artist, but we both know how AGS handle the issues with skins. First they will not release the class before they release the dope skins and than they don´t want to update the skin chests for the specific class because they are not “released” at the point the skins are published.
We all know that this is stupid BS.
The game files from KR/RU are clearly supposed to have the skins - AGS only don´t want to give them out.
If they would, they would force Smilegate to give it to them or they even have the options but don´t want to give the skins out.
I even would buy each released skin for later classes like Aero and Slayer. But we don´t have this option too.
Why? Don´t the want money? We can give them money for sure for skins that are worth to pay, not some baseball BS.

But hey, we are talking about AGS - i think we can´t expect something well thought…

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