Glow when transfering to ancient weapon?

I’am once again asking for your wisdom about weapon glow when transferring to ancient equipment.

Let’s say you have a max +20 white glow upper relic weapon.
When transferring to ancient equipment after Brel HM, will it be the same +20 weapon glow, but now you can up it to +25?
Will it be a golden glow like Akkan for 24/25?
Will white glow be lost?

And i even turn it off cause i think it looks like shit.

And ancient?
We dont even have that yet.

23 blue white 24 red white 25 gold white iirc, 20 21 22 all raw white nothing changes but this is only from what i remembered seeing

ancient upgrade doesnt change anything about the glows / honing levels, just unlocks honing to 25


Well only true for Ancient Brel transferring to Akkan Ancient does reset your glow