Go for 1400 or t3 alts?

I’m at 1385. You think it’s better to push for 1400 or bring my alts to 1370?

Not push but normal daily tries on main and yes push your alts up there

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Imo it’s better to push your alts. The reason is that at 1385 you can access all the content currently available, and with alts at higher ilvls, you’ll be able to farm more mats for the eventual push of your alt once more content is released.

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I’m pushing main to 1415 and than push alts to 1370


IMO push 1415 if you plan on doing valtan IF not take mats and spend them elsewhere as you should already have the t3 honing buff. :slight_smile:

I’m just pushing alts to 1370 / deciding on a new main. My sorc is getting a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, she’s super strong, always get MVP but the playstyle is a little slow (igniter). So now im pushing my 1350 DB to 1370.

I asked the exact same question and the. Just decided to push for t3 alt to 1370 from 1340. Worth it and will not regret as long as you have time for 1 more argos run.

I am just focusing on getting 6 characters to be at 1340 or 1370. I think the sweet spot is either 1370 or 1385. 1400 takes way too much resource for alts and won’t make the resource that you invested back unless you push that guy even further to 1415 for valtan.

As for main, i would say get your moneymakers first and let them for the cost of your main’s upgrades.

For now, alts to 1370. There’s no real reason to push 1415.
Once your alt is up to 1370, you will generate more gold and mats.
Valtan will come in May. You will have time to push your main to 1415 by Valtan comes.

Valtan normal its nothing guys, if you want to make real money you should push to 1445 to do valtan hard and sell the relic accessories from Valtan and the chaos dungeon at launch

Argos p3 ain’t worth it right now. First, because there are very little players able to do it, so you will be stuck in lobby hell for hours every week (ignore this if you have a static group/can get yourself in the whales club)
Second, cause the cost to get there dwarfs the rewards you get on p3 compared to p2.

Get those alts up boi