Gobal Chat, couldn't see my own messages

I could not see my own messages when I use global chat from all my global chat.
It has been 4 days.

causes: no idea
Action I tried: tried to restart game, resetting setting, tried to search on google or forum.

Thank you for reporting this and sorry to see this is happening to you.

What server was this on and what is your character name?

Server is bergstrom. It happened to all my characters. one of them is lemonallday

Thank you! I’ll send this to our development team.

Hello Centeotl,

Now I can’t see any of my messages now.
I can’t see any of my own messages from either from chat bubble, normal chat system or global chat.

I’m sorry to hear this, unlifebb.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll get this over to the team as well.