Going back to RU/KR version

I too, have tried to stick it out… I’m a F2P player, made it to T3 (1340) and… There’s just nothing to do… I’ve been lucky to get up in Honing but holy hell… The mats required… And the nerfs to our gold gathering, mat gathering just… What the hell is this? This isn’t Lost Ark the way I remember it… (RU Version)…

I mean… I have 0 experience running a game but whomever is in charge of making these stupid decisions needs to be fired… I will do the job at half price.

Until then… I’m done.

GL Everyone


If you had played New World and saw the decisions being made there you would have expected much less from AGS.

They made decisions that boggled your mind. Made no sense at all.


sad but true :slight_smile:

They bring every game they’re involved in to death.


the game is going nowhere the way it is and with these decisions, they need to play other MMO to learn how to make decisions!

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It won’t be long for this one as well, with every mistake they don’t learn, it’s like they want to kill the games soon after launch

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The thing I don’t understand the most is why are CM’s from new world here? I do not rate any of the people that are supposed to be our CM’s and that is just from my LA experience alone, but I heard quite a few where from new world

I’ve never seen CM’s so disconnected from the players…

There is no english speaking EU CM’s, only NA ones, and the EU ones are german? The first time I see a CM active in english (Im from UK), is like 4pm UTC.

Im 1345 too, but nothing to do? I dont agree with this, there is plenty of stuff i can still do.

does AGS lost ark team plays the game
This is the real question…

How can you understand how feel a game if you don’t play it ?

When you create a game, you want to do specific things in it. But not because you do your best to get to the point you manage. If you play the game, you can have more understanding of people complaint.

When i see roxx speaking about a “too soon” while many people just prefer stop at the door of the “dead zone” is a proof the team doesn’t know anything about the game…
even if argos was released in april, the deadzone would remain a problem, and people would wait at the door to get it fixed.

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Im pretty sure Roxx does, at the very least theyve commented near launch that someone took their name.

How much and where they are who knows.

Give it time the game still needs to develop its footing in the West since the player base is so much different then other versions

Things aren’t ganna be smooth sailing for awhile at least a couple of months

With the missing content added players would have so of much of a better experiance with the game itself

  • The Bridge
  • The Battle Pass
  • Heroic Guardians
  • More Events
  • Skins/Mounts/Pets

Just adding those alone would make people have a better look on the game, the honing buff is nice, but when you think about the missing content it seems WAY nicer.

They also need to HIRE way more people to handle certain aspects of Lost Ark

  • Better Communication relaying things to the players
  • Better Customer Support (Instead of just getting the same repeated auto matted messages)
  • Cover all timezones (CM’s should be more spread out)

Even those alone would make the game feel more alive
There’s so much they could do but they need to start putting in the effort more.

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playing one hour a day doesnt count.

I think Ion Hazzikostas plays a little wow, but clearly he knows nothing about what he created because “little”

When i say “they have to play the game” they clearly should be now in t3 or close to it. So they could see the “dead zone” problem coming, or being in front of it.

Hiring people -

This is IMO where the real problem is. Amazon likes to do alot of automation t o cut down on labor costs, and i suspect this extends beyond the forums to customer service. Which is why getting anything answered clearly by customer service is a nightmare.

Expecting a forum moderator to be head of 95% of the population is ridiculous.

They shouldve seen this coming simply because this exact problem already occured in Korea. Not because they dont play 12 hours a day lol

Thats the thing having auto matted bots do everything takes away from the value of the player.
I wanna feel like i matter, not feel like im just another cog in a wheel

I don’t expect anyone to be ahead of anything…

I just expect them to be able to listen to their player base, to have common sense, to implement what current other versions are doing.