Going for 5x3 on EUW

As the Western release progresses and with more advanced raids coming, more advanced builds will become a necessity rather than a nice addon. This makes the the issue of EUW’s sparse AH more damning to alts and new players trying to build a char.

For example, getting the right necklace is nearly impossible and it’s better to build around a necklace rather than a cut ability stone given the rarity. At the moment there isn’t a SINGLE necklace with crit/spec and any combo of CD/KBW/Grudge/Ambush in 5/3. Most of these dont even have one listed in recent sales, meaning there’s been none sold in the last month either.

The server merges won’t do much to fix this region issue. Most people now have several alts in relic farming range and this still isn’t amending the AH drought.

I had been saying this for about 4 months now that these issues would happen. Unfortunately merging the AH for the EU region is beyond AG/SG ability, which is rather incredible to believe in 2022. Where there is a will there is a way…

No one liked split region in the first place

We are seeing the same issue in SA. It’s been increasingly harder to find the right accessories for our builds.
A lot of new players had been struggling with their builds, and when we find the accessories, the value of it goes beyond 80k without considering pheons. With the blue crystals reaching 3k, the overall cost reaches 100k.

Merging AH is nonsense, the values of gold for EUC and EUW are way too different rn. There would be other problems like gold transferring and selling over regions etc… The right solution would be merging server itself and I really hope for the people on EUW that it happens very soon before they give up on this game

this and class engraving accessory
+12/+12 books is pretty much necessary

How is +12 +12 necessary?
You reach 5x3 with +12 +9 and a 7/7 stone already.

On the other points here: merging AH won’t do anything besides giving people a chance to switch servers by transferring their gold and items to another account (which wouldn’t be too terrible tbh), but they‘d still face the issue of high priced items. That’s just how it is, BiS items are expensive. Books are expensive. Merging won’t magically solve that, EUC isn’t the promised land where everything is cheap af.

Merging regions entirely would be great regardless, according to Smilegate it’s technically impossible though for whatever reason. Can’t be that hard to copy EUW database of accounts and having them select a new server in EUC next time they log in. Reading all the threads about EUW being basically skeleton population I’m pretty sure most people switching would even be fine with a several day waiting period until they can finally play on Central.

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because its usually a lot more effort to get a 5/3 necklace than getting those books. And if u find one it’s very likely to cost a fortune. And your alts will benefit from it too

I can appreciaite them being expensive but the issue at the moment is there just isnt any necklace BIS in the EUW auction house. Expensive is far better than nonexistent.

I solved that issue by getting leg books and either a 3/3 or a x/5 necklace (x= random engraving).
Doesnt solve the problem that there are hardly ever BiS necklace on the market. but solves the problem getting a simple 5x3.

Euw is a region with a revolving door. People come in late, where they released rushed content and help to get to 1302 fast, and then what for? Not even paying 2000 euros do you get an equipped character because there are not even 20 legendary books of the same thing up for auction. People see the critical condition and leave. Then others enter who take their time to see the situation of abandonment and do the same.

If at least once a week something decent could come out, but what’s going on, it’s all rigged so that nothing ever comes out. So it is impossible. Surely many things that are worth also end up burned out of sheer weariness, in the end it’s all the same, garbage and more garbage. Alts equipped with junk, sometimes even paid for with pheons. It is unfortunate.

I feel your pain, I’m looking for a 5/3 ring with spec for 2 weeks now and there’s only 1 the entire time listed for 100k :slight_smile:
And yes I’m on EUC :smiley:

Had the same problem on EUC.
I’m playing not really popular Sharpshooter, finding a Nec for my 5x3 took me 4 days because the only one in AH was 10 quality for 60k gold and i was not buying that shit.

The real gatekeep for 5x3 is not time spent, money spent, honing iLvl, legendary books bought, pheons, gold, silver.

It’s that one accesory with 3x Class Engraving 3/5x anything else, that you will never find on ah and no ammount of swiping or whaling or grinding will ever fix.

The only workaround is double gold books for those two engravings making you work with a 3/3. But even that is insanely scarce.

I just bought 20 legendary books for my chars within the last week. True, I could not buy them all at once, but always 5+ at a time.

so many complaining about how hard it is to get 5x3 and then i realize i just got 4 chars with 5 x3 :smiley:

It’s fine they said they will merge EUW servers
Wait, it will change nothing :joy:

I build 4 character so far. 2 character have 4x3+2 and 2 have 5x3.
The necklace looks like this:
GS 5/0
GS alt 5/0
Wardancer 3/3
Glavier 3/4

I prefer quality on necklace so if I want relative cheap this is where I can save lots of gold
I have lega grudge and cursed doll
Main have 7/8 stone alt either 6/7 or 6/8
Wardancer and gs have 5x3
I always cut stone first then buy ring or earing with class then do the rest

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