Going for legendary books. adrenaline versus precise dagger

I have a deathblade (RE) and a Blue Gunlancer that I wish for the legendary books to utilize. Im trying to decide between the 2. adrenaline versus precise dagger. the latter is half the price. I’m wondering if precise dagger is that bad compared to adrenaline , dps by math wise.

Anyone know the increase in dps as % for both, on average for both builds.

No idea but I’m pretty sure at least RE Blade always goes for Adrenaline rather than Dagger. Also Adrenaline is usually added later as lvl1 or 2 engraving which makes it even stronger. Can’t really add Dagger 1or2 since it’s not worth it unless lvl3

Not a DB player, but keep in mind that if you sort everything out, 600 crit is enough without precise dagger.

600 is 20%, with 4x relic set bonus you get extra 20% and 15% from lvl3 adrenaline. That’s 55% already, 62% with lostwind. So precise dagger would be an overkill. You get like 700ish crit and put the rest in spec. This applies to every class running adrenaline and relic bonus.

Precise dagger is not that good unless it’s on sorc b/c of her high crit damage.

It might not be worth to upgrade adrenaline up to 12 if later you use it lvl 2

Whats that website where you got this info from?
is there other classes aswell?

I run precise dagger on Surge DB and that works out since you NEED to crit surge, else you lose like 200-300k dps, i use surge 3 precise 3 adre 3 keen blunt 3 ambush 3, this build might be overkill for the +20% crit rate from precise, but assure 100% rate with sinergy. That’s just a matter of preference, you could do more damage with grudge but you take the RNG factor in, and you know, it may fuck you up some runs! I totally prefer consistency.

On RE Db you dont need to assure your crit on surge, so it is surely better to go with grudge or cursed instead of precise