Gold are worthless now due to bots

gold are worthless now

so much price increased due rampant of bots

while gold source price decreasing (great honor droped price by 40%)

feels like i dont want to waste my time playing this game anymore


40% you saying? Oh man i cant wait till im home on Sunday for some Honing party.


Damn, I was hoping for the price of GHL to drop and it’s happening? can’t wait to buy some when it’s on discount.



A lot of these gold buyers are saying they’re not being banned provided they don’t say anything or show their gold in a picture.

I know people say to take what is said with a grain of salt but why would they say this in a forum dedicated to cheaters?

It’s because it’s true. The people who are not being stupid about it are not being banned for purchasing stupid amounts of gold. Amazon should really be able to track down the tens of thousands of gold that is being purchased and permanently ban these people. I don’t know how people continue to get away with it for months. It honestly baffles me.

Then you have the other issue where actual players (not goldfarmers running a business) are botting in places like south vern for adventure tomb items or inside of Chaos dungeons for gold.

These 2 things shouldn’t be hard to address but because they’re relying purely on automated functions to ban these people they’re getting away with it so easily and will continue to do so until they get some actual GMs in. Yes GMs aren’t the solution but having a handful in the game cleaning up this mess does go very far in stopping the problem from getting worse. You see right now there is no deterent for these people. If they actually feel like they’ll be banned for doing this, naturally they’ll stop because they’ll be scared of being hit with a ban.


i hate it when my effort and time, doing dailes on all my 6 1370 characters alt

just to get 3-5k worth of mats to sell everyday

getting beat by botters who can go afk and do 24/7 chaos dungeons and earn 50k gold a day from just 6 characters ( i have seen this on reddit someone sharing it some week ago)

Lost job because of automation. What could you do?

Why permanently ban ? Makin them -xxk gold sounds more funny xd


You know Lost Ark recently reported NA/EU success of 500k concurrent users right? What makes you think they are going to actively hunt down bots until the collaboration deal is closed? They need those numbers.

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I don’t think the GHL price drop is due to the bots, I think it is:

  • challenge raid gives 10-15 per so you have an extra 30-45 in the market each week and a lot of people are selling theirs
  • 1415+ people are doing Argos and selling their GHLs they get, and there are more 1415+ then two weeks ago
  • less people pushing for the new raid, so less demand

One or the other. It definitely would be funny but some only bought a bit of gold. I want them to feel some punishment for actually buying gold. If they only bought 50k that’s not hard to pay off. I think some form of a ban absolutely needs to happen.

mats going down in price is gonna happen the fact their even stable right now is amazing

  • there was new content added that gives quite a chunk of mats weekly
    (most people are selling those I don’t blame them)

later on, our mats will resemble KR due to the sheer number of players in t3

now I’m not saying bots don’t hurt the economy but the economy will flatten either way

In some video saw GHL price in KR is about 40g so I expect this price to come here also.
I was selling some when price was about 100.

Understanding market (prices, volume, supply and demand) and also your role there is important and its same like in real world just with very very limited amount of items. You also know exact use of every item.

There is many items with limited use and you totally no need to buy endless amount of them. Botters also dont need them. Most likely will control the prices of some items for a while but dont think anyone wanna lock 500M gold in englaving books just to make 2k/day for clicking all time.

Serious? That has nothing to do with bots lol. People just don’t need them anymore right now since you get so many for free. I sold 100 tradeables myself and still have 500 untradeables.

Eventually honing materials will become 1 gold just like all other regions and personally i cant wait. Thanks bots.

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You do realize bots take money away from the people that actually make the game right? Do you work for free? Cause that’s what bots are doing…but sure enjoy your cheap honing mats.

there no point if only honing price c heap

if all other things became alot more expensive like engraving boosk, accesory, etc

  1. main reason but thats a weekly, so its 45/7 = around 6 leaps more x day x account

  2. leapstones from argos blood are bound so no

  3. we have a 5x development speed in this versiob, there is no dead time, they always are pushing.

One core reason is Valtan too. People didnt expect it to be that difficult so they actually are spending more time doing the raid runs than farming materials or honing on alts. That s about it along 1)

Legendary engraving will get cheaper as more content gets released (especially the bridge).

The “cost of rushing” is still high. FOMO is a hell of a drug.

GHL price goes down? I wanna play even more now, lets make a hoaning fiesta