Gold are worthless now due to bots

You don’t really understand economics well.

If bots and gold buyers were the issue, the market materials would be going up in price due to injection of gold.

Gold buyers are raising the prices of other items like Legendary books due to demand. Honing mats are dropping because there is a decrease in interest

To be fair fomi has not much to do with it.

Game progression is 5x on new release, and it should come with x5 honing speed and x5 gold income to balance out kr/ru.

Ofc this is a way too far shot as all they want is monetize fomo’ers above all.

That said, you dont even get a x2 gold income compared to kr/ru and you even get a /2 honing system on top.

I think the concept of fomo is getting out of hands. Fomi would be hitting now 1490 so you can do upcoming legion commander s hard modes.

Keeping up with content on servers the very same developers want to speed up isnt fomo. It s just natural progression. Which makes a very big contraddiction between devs intentions and the way they are dealing with honing, gold removal, mats availability and so. They go opposite ways.

Eventually, we ll be again at a point not enough people will be able to access a next scheduled content.

Last, people tend to grow bored when unable to run fresh content. Certainly you dont need to match whales pace, but being gatekeeper out on purpose to induce spending or just on rng is just idiotic towards the game s well being.

Last last, the 5x pace also kill the alts system. Accessing gold on them to battle the deflatiob is even harder when you costantly need to get back pushing main almost non stop due to fast releases.

They are pretty much killing their own system…

bridge only provide 2 books, so t hats probably only grudge will reduce since thats the most expensive one, people will claim 2 grudge

wdym content? are u talking about event? because there no event in korea that gives legendary book

i agree with you

just look at this sale history bro
there is too much gold entering the market due to bots
regular players are going through the hell right now

Not sure why I’m still playing. Reading all this makes me sick. I’m taking my time with the game with no alts. I’ve managed to get to 1360 but things are starting to look out of reach for me. I put in a little money for cosmetics. ugh!

You’ll queue for 3 hours first

And still royal to gold ratio is trash

Would be nice if they at least banned the super obvious rmters and botters. A few people have spent millions of gold in the past week…