Gold buyers are NOT the problem

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I have been complaining about bots for months. They are the real problem, banning the gold buyers is not a sustainable solution. Yes, the players who spend money on gold are the reason the bots exist… but they are also the reason Amazon makes money from this game.

In my experience, the same people who buy 100k’s of bot gold are the same ones who spent huge amounts of money in the official shop. These are players who bought platinum+gold founders, 6 month aura, and several 12,000RC packs but eventually got sick of paying a 2.5x markup since they have to deal with the bot infestation anyways.

Amazon is a business, they do not want to lose money. Cry if you want - but the business people are in charge here. If you are a F2P player with 1200 hours, they do not give a sh*t about you. The valuable players are the ones who can casually throw $100’s and $1000’s of dollars at the game (consider that 0.15% of players bring in 50% of the revenue in mobile games).

In other MMOs, anyone who trades “$ → gold” is breaking the rules in every case. In Lost Ark, the trade of “$ → crystals → gold” through the official shop is actively encouraged by the grindy nature of the game, and most players do not have a problem with these whales. People who spend real money for in game currency are the target customers for Amazon.

I believe Amazon knows this. Identifying gold buyers is trivial (100k in the mail? 500k for a t1 neck?), but replacing them is not. This can be the only explanation for why they do not get instantly and permanently banned. Amazon will have this data, and it would not be available to the public.

What I do not understand is WHY THE BOTS ARE STILL NOT BEING FIXED!

600k bots is simply a testament to the enormous amount of money that Amazon is losing from these gold buying whales. Why would they spend money in the in game shop when bots are currently 70% cheaper? The bots are a direct competitor to the in game shop, siphoning away money that would normally be spent on royal crystals.

People will buy whatever is cheaper, and I cannot fault them for it. Banning the competitor is the only real solution here.


I’m for permanent bans for first offense of RMT and I agree with what you’re saying in this quote.

Gold buyers absolutely are the problem though they’re the demand and bots the supply.

If harsher punishments are to be implemented this late into the game’s life, considering the above, I’d think that announcing something like “first offense ban for RMT for transactions having taken place as of this moment” would be more than fair. Could then also sweep through and find the gold buyers that never bought star crystals and axe them.


There are a lot of bugs that bots can exploit that many people feel shouldn’t be fixed and will affect the player experience, so the real problem is these arrogant players.

I mean, they are one of the problems but we are aware that it’s easily not our only problem. We do recognize and have multiple teams looking into different issues of Lost Ark.


Have you considered forbidding new players with unauthorized credit from registering the Lost Ark? I know that the Lost Ark is a free game, but now there are more robots than legitimate players, and players who like to play this game should not mind recharging $5 on the steam account, at least I won’t mind, and. We need legitimate new players, not illegal robots…

It is a bit of a tricky problem, but I agree with the sentiment of adding negative gold for players who have not spent money in the legitimate shop, and then being extremely strict going forwards. Going back in time and permabanning every single “evil RMTer” is not very realistic considering the overlap with legitimate transactions.

On another note - I felt a lot of entitlement the day after founder’s launch when I got stuck in a 10k queue behind a whole bunch of F2P players after spending $200+. I am not going to defend it, but I will say that this same human emotion is likely the reason a lot of gold buyers do not care to support the in game shop. If they have to deal with the bot infestation and queues anyways, why be the one rewarding a lack of developer action? Boycotting exists for a reason.

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They would spend in the shop, if AGS/SGR didn’t make it 5 times more expensive to p2w legitimately in our version. So they choose to RMT instead because you get 5-6 times as much for the same price, risk-free.


Yup agreed it’s too late for that. They would destroy huge communities of players by doing that this late into the game.

I don’t know the timeline exactly but Kakao Games did this with Archeage recently resulting in exactly what I described, huge communities quitting all at once. Especially when guild leads get banned.

I’ve been tempted to drop money on this game for progression but the Royal Crystal conversion is shockingly bad. $13.45 AUD for 2k Gold. If i wanted to risk an account ban i could buy 10k gold for the same price from G2G

That wasn’t rmt, but exploiting

You don’t risk anything.

With such a serious queue, I think new players will quit the game because they don’t want to wait. Some old players will continue to wait, and some will quit such a serious queue. Slowly, those old players who continue to wait will lose patience, because they are not robots and can’t be patient with the 5k-10k queue. There are also many players who don’t have much time to play in a day, Sitting in front of the computer and watching the queue for oneortwo hours a day is a serious torture for them

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This whole issue is only due to the “rework” of the shop for the west. In KR, RC is basically the same price as our RMT.

Honestly you don’t risk anything. I have a coworker who spent $8.5k on classic WoW gold, and nearly that much in Lost Ark now.

We hate the queues too. We really do and we completely agree. The queues help no one. The team was alerted last weekend to how badly they were creeping up. The week gave us a slight breather but the queues have shot up again over the weekend. We will be prioritizing the issue and looking into it.


Reducing the official shop prices to below the electricity costs of bot farms would certainly get rid of them. Even reducing the prices a bit would likely cause more people to buy. I know if there were monthly special crystal packs like the 1-50 one that gives 5000 blue for 1000 royal, everyone would buy them.

Warframe is a good example - if I get a 75% off coupon, I buy the most expensive thing I can find. Do I need it? No, but it is a good deal. Consumerism!


for real lol, bot problem is easily solved by slashing the price of buying gold through royal crystals. devs are obviously too greedy to consider that though


permanently ban RMTers. There are spenders who are following the rules and refuse to support bots and destroying servers we play on. But seeing those go UNPUNISHED for cheating while destroying the game is a spit in our faces. I cannot be the only “whale” spending only through Royal crystal but every day i see those who have blatantly cheated not being punished. its an absolute joke to those who are staying clean


This is not the solution to the problem. If the official price becomes lower, the robot will become lower

The current game divides coins into non-tradable coins and tradable coins to prevent robots, suggesting that the easy way to get coins be changed to non-tradable coins that can be used to forge equipment and build houses.