Gold earning restriction

With current T3 content, expect someone in “endgame” to make 3,500~4,500 gold per character per week.
Once we get to KR state, expect 25,000 gold per character per week.

It is good to remember that once you guys check how much you make on T1 per week per character. And on T2 per week per character.



As long as people are using the gold as they take it to improve their alts, theirmain etc, it will not be a problem for devs.

The problem is once there is not more content to act, and people keep hoarding and hoarding during months waiting for the next content, and then when released they immediately use all they got, etc.

At least is what I think. So yeah Im sure we will end up having the restriction, but dont think its necessary or matters until some months from now. maybe Im wrong.

that limit should be on NA/EU. No reason to make an exception for us in this. The reason they made it is valid for us as well. Remember it’s just some content rewards are limited. You can have more alts, you can do things with your alts, any alt can participate within that limit.

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What stops those people from just making a second account?

Question is, with this limitation, whats the point of receiving free/buying char slots. Also, they release new classes fairly regularly, so if you have 6 established decently geared classes you gotta delete one just to try the new class out. Yes you can just create a 7th one, but you going to spend gold gearing it up while having 0 gold return from that char. This has no affect on whales, but has huge impact on f2p players, and that alone should be a big red flag.

I thought nothing, but I just saw this in another thread

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You should remember that the 6 character limit isn’t really a limit as you can purchase additional character slots. Indeed, some of the premium founder packs include an additional character slot. I suspect that of all the things I might purchase, an additional character slot might be one of them eventually.

lol which bots are you talking about?

your talking about a different limit Moondragon. the gold earning restriction, greatly reduces gold earned from the 7th and on alt, each week, that completes raids etc.

Ahhh, my bad I wasn’t aware. That explains why some videos on earning gold suggest you start another account if you’re super hard core. Now of course AGS will say that’s a no-no (has to be their official policy), but it’s unenforceable.

don’t really need another account. You just create more characters on different server within region.

would that not then mean you would have to do all the side progressions again, ie engravings, runes, logs, giant hearts, island tokens, rapport, etc etc etc? as far as i know, side progression is just server wide, not region wide.

yes, same as another account :slight_smile: but at least you don’t need to relog and reverify Steam inbetween :stuck_out_tongue: What else do you imagine when someone say “super hardcore”?

Even 6/week is something 10% players would do. Problem was that these “few” pro-farmers generated 40% of total gold in the economy. That’s why restriction is in place.


Doh! That’s a great answer Elenoe. Not sure why I didn’t think of it.

Thank you so much for your insight. I need more coffee.

so what will end up happening is that we will start to see is oddly priced (greatly overpriced) items in the auction house to filter gold and materials from off server alts in the same region?
and no one will bother with character expansion slots…

no, expansion slots are still much cheaper in every aspect :slight_smile:

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about those 1 percent of players. There will for sure be ones playing 2-5 accounts with 6 alts on them all. Amazon can’t really enforce the rule for playing more than account no company ever has. Fortunately it shouldn’t change much for us average folk due to the massive player base this game will have.

It is enforceable dude. As I mentioned above and others have mentioned. Google search anticheat hardware ban if you don’t want to take our word for it.

i agree, but what worth does a 7th character have on the same server if its earning potential is 80% reduced. i wonder how likely it is that the "pro farmers"will just do the minimum side progression on off server alts to funnel gold onto their main.

That sounds like the sole purpose of alts is doing daily chores with all of them ad nauseam. Do you play your games like that? I know I would go mad.

The OP question kinda makes sense even without context. This debate however not so much. We area talking about highly theoretical scenarios noone sane follows in reality because of reasons. So for people who haven’t played the game yet just wait until you see it.

Otherwise we are talking about “the fastest way to get money is a lottery. See this guy? He literally got millions in few minutes.” AKA while true it doesn’t make sense in the bigger context.