Gold event that sucks .. still no lucky mokkoko

Why do they love to design stuff that makes u wanna quit the game that’s literally the biggest fight you get on game

Now they add a event that most folk still haven’t got a lucky mokokko yet some folk are getting them everyday maybe even gettin more than one who knows …

But I know it’s just another brain dead design from them folk who don’t care about ya getting garbage rng all time you play this game

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Its this way in literally every aspect of the game. Think about ppl getting a 90 quality weapon on first 10 tries compared to someone spending 500k gold, or think about someone that pities their 22 weapon compared to someone that one taps it.

The gold from this event even if 50k is nothing compared to the above

But the game doesn’t announce that. So we don’t know people’s luck unless they tell us. It’s different with this event with the global announcement where everyone can see it.

Someone played the lotto and won $100,000.
I played the lotto and won $5, I deserve $100,000 too.
This thread.

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Imagine being upset about gold you don’t have because you haven’t gotten it or will never get it. Bro is the same with the lottery you either get it or you don’t stop being mad about something you can’t control tf.