Gold from AGS comes with a 3-day Delay?! wtf

I know there are already a few threads open on this topic.
But I have yet to see an explanation WHY we have to wait for Gold, that we bought the official and correct legal way from AGS - before we can use it.
It’s Friday now, I wanted to push my Char to a certain level to get a Legion Raid done this weekend… but the Gold I bought (exchanged) with real money won’t be available until Monday? What the actual f***.

I’ve been buying Gold with Royal Crystals already quite a few times since release. Usually when there is an urgent reason to get something done. So this new “feature” completely invalidates the reason for me to do just that.
I highly doubt that goldseller buy their Gold in your store. So this is completely just affecting actual player.
Are you trying to push people towards goldseller, or what is the background here? I can’t think of a reason how this would prevent any wrongdoing, but then again I’m just a random player who someone like AGS just give a sh** about.

Anyhow, I’d really appreciate to get an explanation as to why and for what reason this, in my humble opinion, not just absolutely useless and upsetting but also player punishing feature got implemented.

I mean, let’s be honest. You know exactly who the goldseller are - you’re just not doing anything about it. Banning a few worker-bots here and there and then releasing a news-article about it to pat yourself on the shoulder, even though you haven’t achieved anything to combat the actual problem.
So do you really think to keep punishing the actual playerbase will compensate for your lack of doing anything substantial? Or did someone lose a bet when playing a drinking game on your last round of “how to keep kicking an already down game”?

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They’ve explained it a few times already actually. This was implemented due to credit card fraud. Gold seller/users buy gold, transfer off the gold and then charge back through steam.
Is it a good solution? Not really. But it is what it is

Hmmm yeah 3 day that will stoo charge back for sure.
Just add the card to paypal, buy, 6 months to charge back

That’s not what its for. Chargebacks, you do them, you get banned, simple.

The issue is when the chargeback is done with a stolen credit card. A bot account is made, buys a load of crystals, converts it to gold, sells that gold to an RMT buyer, chargeback, gets banned, repeat.

The 3 day hold allows the person whose credit card was stolen to react, force a chargeback right away and get the bot banned before they trade the gold, which I say is a good way to go about it.

The best? Prolly not, but hey, I’m not here to argue that


They could still “unlock” accounts, after you’ve spend a certain amount of money or playtime or item level or anything else that needed some kind of “investment” to get rid of that 3-day waiting period.

I mean 300? 500? 1k? 2k? - there has to be a number, at which it’s fairly save to assume that the owner of that account won’t start doing credit card chargeback fraud and risk getting his account banned.

Tbh I wouldn’t trust someones ilvl or spent time on game. Those stats doesn’t prove that one is not scammer, does it?

Nothing’s ever certain. But someone doesn’t just get, let’s say 1490 over night.
He/she either played for quite a while, so I would assume that it’s their actual account and not a fake scam-account.
Or they spend a lot of money, which should simply buy the same level of trust.
And that level should be enough to get rid of that 3-day block.

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As someone whole “whaled” a good amount myself already i agree that there needs to be some sort of trusted system. The current way just discourages people to buy gold, rather then incourage them… idk make it like the last 5-10 purchases without any problem of chargeback or simular. Same goes for Skin Chests for example which you buy from the Store and you cant even trade them between your roster?! I get it its either the same reason of chargeback or they dont want the market to get flood on day1 of new skins (which actually is bad for F2p players again too) but like, that i cant even trade the chests between my own roster? wtf…

I like how it says “certain players” as in new or suspicious, yet I’ve spent 3k in the shop probably at this point and clearly am not a bot and get the same BS restriction.

I will start with the phrase “you are not the center of the world”.

Anyway, it is not very complicated to think why this is so, many people (WHO DID NOT PLAY LOST ARK AT ALL), had their steam account stolen and used fake cards(stoled) to sell gold.