Gold in CM not upated

Hello, I owned 9k+ gold, then I decided to buy 27k gold, on the top of the screen I have around 36k gold but when I’m on the CM it says I only have 9k+ gold, the ones before the purchase and can’t buy my items. My character is Power Passed to Punika since 5 days.

Do I get something wrong or is it a technical bug?


it’s not a bug if you move your move to your gold it will say that you have (xxx) amount of gold on with hold aka you can’t use it for CM but you can use it for tapping your gear or in your stronghold if i’m not mistake after the period “3days” you can use that gold in CM

Ah now I understand the 3 days restriction, I thought it was 3 days after using the PP. So when does this restriction ends?


it ends after 3 days of you buying the gold aka 72h from you buying the gold from the shop and this happens everytime you buy gold