Gold is king now

So you wanted materials right? well there you go tons of materials you cant use now, good job forum, this game is done, no economy, no real gold income

And yeah i know theres tons of way to make gold, but its time or energy capped and it isnt enough even for 1 character to progress with honing @ 80g or 120g per try

Before with low materials and high gold you could push with alts (pool materials) or buying from auction house or mari shop, now you cant


Deflation was bound to happen as soon as bots were taken care of. Gold income should stabilize once Valtan comes out, but until then, expect some more deflation. Crafting in the stronghold & gear taps in Tier 3 remove gold from economy at an accelerated rate. We are seeing the effects now because more and more players are reaching Tier 3, and also upgrading past 1325 after being given confirmation that there would be no honing rate buffs until Valtan or so. In the meantime, you can get creative in trying to earn gold. I see that Tier 1 materials like Harmony Leapstones are still worth some money.


You have definitly no clue.

It’s not because of the update, it was before, it’s because the bots.

And Amazon don’t do anything against RMT for now.

What are you even saying? The update included requiring trusted level Steam accounts, it was the update that returned Gold to being the most valuable currency. It severely hamstrung making new bot accounts so we’ll see gold go way up in value… because of the update.

This includes bots dumping materials pre-patch to stockpile gold in a frenzy. Check out the fishing market fluctuations. lol

Gold has gone way up in value and will become increasingly more scarce and the primary reason people can’t tap long in Tier 3. Gold is absolutely king now, it’s the most valuable currency in the game, as intended.

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Where is this confirmation?

The update straight up mentioned they won’t be adding the honing buff changes yet but instead will be giving us various methods to get additional materials instead for now (events, etc). Of course, the Valtan thing is an estimate going off of other regions… Actually Russia got the honing buffs well after Valtan was released so yeah.

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Gold is still fluctuating, it dipped into the 380/100 blue crystals range and it back to 400.

If it goes under 300 at least I’ll be able to bank up enough crystals for a year of Crystaline Aura. 1500g per month? Sign me up.

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I am saying gold is king, and theres no way to get it, ive done the math it was better for alts to pool materials than alts making gold

the gold you make with selling t3 mats/dailies/weeklies/tradeskills with a full roster of 6 characters isnt enough for 1 character to level up

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I mean I have 3 alts in t3. Only like 1302 gs and with the leapstones/mats I sell from them i can still make around 7k to 8k per day. Thats enough to use bound mats on my main for pushing ilvl. I will say though, im already 1385 on the main so im not really pushing to much. I can def see how its hard for the people stuck betwen 1340-1370 because you want to push but cant because of gold limitations. I think itll require some days of just selling mats, maybe until next reset then enhance on the main. Just my 2 cents from what ive seen/been doing.

Also the silver wall is gonna hurt alot of people lol


Im a Newbie, at 440 now, could go to 460, for Tier1 we got enought free Mats, i use only the not sellable ones for now and sell what i earn in Chaos Gates ect. Playing nearly 2 Weeks, need 300 Gold more then i can get my last Chrystals needed for a Month of Chrystaline Aura. I like this System, that you can play to earn. Its nice

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I wasn’t replying to you I was agreeing, though I don’t know if I agree to the other things you’re saying besides gold is more valuable now. I got to Tier 3 and I’m not going to literally burn my money trying to tap when failure chances are this high and there’s no content to use the slight power creep for besides the stupid Deerhorse. Login, do chores on main, logout.

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Look at this shit, 90% of the community on this forum is like this guy, they don’t read the news and complain like idiots about muh honing rates.

They’re rightfully complain about honing though, we got Tier 3 too early. What did you go to the forums and expect unanimous praise? Is this your first time on a gaming forum?

The point is that the problem is already adressed, you know when to expect changes, yet every single topic is shitting on how the new honing materials are a joke yada yada.

I can’t see how this can come as a surprise to you, that was all I was implying. :heart:

On KR materials basically don’t sell for anything. Main gold source are dungeons and KR players used to use 16-24 characters and just do weekly dungeons before they set the weekly limit to 6.

When there is an inflation, people complain, then when there is a deflation, people complain also :slight_smile:

It’s funny when we view things we tend to only pay attention to what we lost but never care to comprehend what we benefit. When there is inflation, yes, you pay higher, but guess what, you also sell higher. Same with deflation, you do sell same item for less but you also buy items for less gold. If you just look at the negative side, you will have have something to complain about lol


This is exactly true there complaining because they can’t get to 1370 cause materials are to high price which they were now they complain material are to cheap they can’t make money. What did people think was gonna happen when a bunch of materials got injected into the game

The problem aren’t the mats, the problem are other auctionable items.

Prices of mats from all trades are also in the dumpster. Obviously noone expects the price to be as high as it was a month ago, but a lot of trade mats are down to literally 1 gold. Then there’s Mari’s store for potions and just like that entire part of the game that was supposed to be really important for economy is gone and people who invested into levelling up trades have no source of income anymore.

selling t3 mats was a thing two weeks ago , keep dreaming about that 7-8k gold per day selling t3 mats lol they all tanked