Gold loss for argos

Vykas is delayed for june 30th does someone know if we will loose the golds from argos when she will be release ? If yes, wich ilv we need to stay for don’t loose them ?


You will probably lose when you reach 1430

1475 item level with Clown in other regions but who knows with ours

Oh I wouldnt imagine that, I mean level being 1475 seems so high. Really nice tho

You don’t need to imagine, it is fact. lol

I meant to write couldn’t opps

Ez gold by providing afk 2 man carry for argos when you hit 1460.

why should we lose gold for argos when clown isnt even released? why do u even think about it when it will take a few months until it matters?

Hi everyone, I’m moving this thread from the French to the English-speaking category for added visibility, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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